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Taurus Sagittarius Compatibility

Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility: ‘When love and beauty meets Luck and Passion’
Taurus a symbol of love, is ruled by planet Venus while Sagittarius ruled by planet Jupiter symbolizes philosophy, intellectual thinking. Taurus being a fixed sign always resists change while Sags love to be experimental and long for variety. To make their relation go far, both have to reassure each other that their bond is special and is prior to everything. This makes this love match have a mediocre compatibility.

TAURUS & SAGITTARIUS Love Compatibility: 3/10

Both these signs do not share anything. Sagittarius being a Fire sign, wants to shine bright and try-out new things, while Taurus an Earth sign, wants stability. Taurus demands emotional security and stability in the relationship while Sagittarius needs time to get ready for these long-term commitments. Patience and understanding are the two main aspects that could help in sustaining their affair but lack resulting in low love compatibility.

TAURUS & SAGITTARIUS Trust Compatibility: 5/10

Sagittarius Man being the honest self seeks the same from his partner. They also want attention at their best and Taurus Women might find it irritating at some point. When it comes to trust, Sagittarius Women are very trustworthy, unable to tell a lie, they suffer in romantic relationships. If Taurus and Sagittarius come along with trust, there is no point questioning it. They will have a wonderful relation ahead. However, if they do not, building trust can be very difficult for them.

TAURUS & SAGITTARIUS Communication Compatibility: 5/10

Taurus and Sagittarian’s approach to life are different. They both rarely get into a good conversation but when they make it, they could even talk on any topic continuously. Soon this communication turns out to be a sharp fight with harsh words, as their opinions and thoughts clash with each other. Taurus loves to talk slowly with deep thoughts that could make Sagittarius crazy and irritated, as they want fast and impulsive communication. As such, compatibility remains low for this love match.

TAURUS & SAGITTARIUS Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 3/10

Two people ruled by two beneficent planets such as Taurus by Venus and Sagittarius by Jupiter might find difficult to satisfy each other’s sexual needs. Venus and Jupiter offering beauty and pleasure might attribute to them but it is a rare case. They might find a fulfilling and interesting sex life if they understand and respect each other as individuals. Taurus would always come to the rescue and would take care of his Sagittarius partner. While Sagittarius will keep their relationship exciting. This kind of relation has a lot to teach a light side of sexual intimacy, which is a fun experience all together but mostly a headache for the two partners.

TAURUS & SAGITTARIUS Mental compatibility: 5/10

Sagittarians being a fiery sign, always jumps to impulsive decision, while Taurus is more practical towards life and efficiently decides accordingly. The difference in their thoughts could lead to conflicts in their relationship. The best possible situation to avoid the clash is when both the partners build a long-term friendship bond, understand each other’s needs, and then decide whether to commit for a relation together or not.

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