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Taurus and Scorpio compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio compatibility: ‘When beauty of romance meets Passion for romance’
Taurus is ruled by planet Venus, symbolizing love and wealth while Scorpio is ruled by planet of Passion and Power, Mars and Pluto respectively. They are two halves that collectively become a whole. They both try to upkeep each-other’s strength and balancing their flaws in a love match. Both these signs look for emotional security and satisfaction in their relationship and question the same from each other in frequent intervals. They synchronize efficiently and share a very good compatibility.

TAURUS & SCORPIO Love Compatibility: 9/10

Taurus and Scorpio both regularly assure that their bond together is strong and loving. The base of their match is love and passion, which sets an example for the all other signs in the list. They both are sincere, loyal, and honest towards each other, which make their combination much more reliable. Although their thoughts for a same situation differ, they actually work towards the same goal that is to hold their bond tight.

TAURUS & SCORPIO Trust Compatibility: 8/10

Although, Scorpio Man is an emotionally balanced sign but their sensitive nature makes them question their partner often. Taurus women like to keep quiet and secretive about matters. Taurus Man is more of an introvert, which makes Scorpio woman more suspicious and over possessive towards them which could create trust issues amid the two even if everything was on the track. The best possible way to solve this misunderstanding is when Scorpio gives space to Taurus, so that they feel secure enough to share their feelings to Scorpion partners.

TAURUS & SCORPIO Communication Compatibility: 7.5/10

They are the two opposite sides of a coin, but as always is the case, opposites attract. Scorpio on one hand, would go into deep examination of things, while Taurus will not bother to pay notice on the same. However, Scorpions excel in communicating their values to other and they can teach Taurus to respect and understand the depth of emotions and think accordingly. Since Taurus values emotions, they readily accept the initiative.

TAURUS & SCORPIO Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 9/10

They both share the most passionate and erotic chemistry together. Taurus represents sign of physical pleasure and Scorpio too signifies sensuality. They both get attracted to each other and in process of satisfying their emotional needs, sexual intimacy plays the pivotal role. However, to maintain this smoothness, both of them have to be affectionate, patient, and experimental as well. Once a mutual level of compatibility is reached, the heights of sexual pleasure for this love match will be endless.

TAURUS & SCORPIO Mental compatibility: 9.5/10

They value life and love in a way that no other sign understands. The depth of their belief system goes as far as planet Earth’s core and if they begin their relationship on the same page, this could be what binds them for years. Although their perspectives differ when it comes to material and emotional values, their core is the same and everything else can be easily adjusted.

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