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Taurus Taurus Compatibility

Taurus and Taurus compatibility: ‘A combination for a lifetime’

Taurus is ruled by Planet Venus, the god of love, beauty, and romance. Both the partners are equally charming, graceful, romantic and too much in love with each other. They always respect other’s feelings and their opinions because they too possess the same needs. However, sometimes Taurus duo can be over possessive and jealous which might be a point of concern. Overall, they both make a love match that is passionate and forms a long lasting affair together.

TAURUS & TAURUS Love Compatibility: 9/10

When to love signs comes together, it can be love at first glance. They both provide emotional security, understanding, and satisfaction to each other, as they share same feelings and sentiments. Taurus couple enjoys being pampered and they always take care of their partner’s social and emotional needs. They can barely keep away from each other & show high compatibility levels.

TAURUS & TAURUS Trust Compatibility: 7.5/10

Both being the practical souls usually are easy to trust. They both believe each other to some extent and simultaneously apply their own mind too. However, if they had some past issues before seeing each other, Taurus Man’s inability to change creates some issues in the relationship. Taurus Woman very well understands the importance of honesty and loyalty but usually they take time to let it sink in. They may feel afraid to open up and let the partner jell with their emotional turmoil. This can lead to unreasonable and bizarre assumptions about each other, giving birth to the habit of questioning. On the other hand, if both come along without any past relationship problems, they can be flexible with each other. Respect and trust will be the foundation of their relationship with equal amount of privacy given to each other.

TAURUS & TAURUS Communication Compatibility: 5/10

Taurus is a fixed sign and always resists change. They don’t easily accept when the things between them turn the other way round. This is the main reason when problems and misunderstanding between them rise, which could lead to fights and trust issues. They don’t prefer to communicate their thoughts with the other half, especially when they are angry & that might crack their relation. Communication compatibility remains low since quarrels & stubbornness often keep them short tempered.

TAURUS & TAURUS Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 9.5/10

Taurus is the most sensual sign on the list. They completely understand each other’s need for pleasure. They know how to stimulate all the senses and discover each other’s needs quickly. Being their lazy selves, when they are too sluggish to have the drive, they probably build a firm and satisfactory relationship and have their needs met calmly. However, ‘who will initiate’ can become a lifetime problem for them. They are too stubborn to sort out the obstacle & they can wait forever. However, their openness and similar ideas about sexual intimacy might help them beat this barrier.

TAURUS & TAURUS Mental compatibility: 9/10

They both enjoy working collectively towards their common goal as they both share same areas of interests. They feel joyful and satisfied with one another. Taurus duo works very hard to provide a luxurious and happy lifestyle to its family. Always respecting and supporting others opinions and always standing with the decision of their lover makes their relation go far.

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