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Virgo Aquarius Compatibility

VIRGO & AQUARIUS compatibility: The Grand Mismatch!

Virgo & Aquarius is a bond that should not be called a love match. The two creatures are just what the other does not want in their lives. Virgo seeks the logical, while Aquarius throws all logic out of the window. Virgo values truthfulness & Aquarius is constantly experimenting with their own truths. To be together, they must be under a bet or a competition, because under no other circumstances would a person choose an antidote to their peaceful lives. Compatibility levels are very low.

VIRGO & AQUARIUS Love Compatibility: 3.5/10

Virgo has a hidden emotional side that needs to be handpicked & carefully be made to sprout. Aquarius on the contrary, is a roller coaster of emotions that would bombard a new feeling right in the face of Virgo, making them every bit uncomfortable & wanting to move away from Aquarius. The only feeling that Virgo would sense is confusion when they see a fanatic Aquarius in action. Love is mostly missing, though occasional amusements towards each other may surprise each partner.

Trust Compatibility: 4/10

A rational Virgo usually does not lie very often. Yet the ever-changing personality of Aquarius can make them doubt their partner. Likewise, Aquarius can find the absence of emotions in their Virgo partner to be superficial & might consider it as an excuse to avoid spending time together. Trust issues are common in this love match, though a serious thoughtful discussion between the two can change things for better.

Communication Compatibility: 4/10

Virgo has a rational explanation for everything in this world. They would proceed with complete conviction when entering a conversation with Aquarius. The beginning is generally smooth & sets a good pace for the session. But trouble begins when Virgo tries to convince Aquarius of their logic, while Aquarius has already figured a way to debunk the logic & decided to move against it. A constructive communication channel can never be developed thus, & compatibility remains low.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 0.5/10

A sexual relationship between Aquarius & Virgo is exactly where two collide head-on! While Virgo considers sex to be a mere act of multiplication of the human kind, Aquarius is much more emotional & creative about it. Virgo approaches in a shy manner, while Aquarius would not mind honking a trumpet & being open minded about it. The two barely find a middle ground to stand on with each other, & intimacy turns into a disrespectful act for both the partners.

Mental compatibility: 3/10

Virgo and Aquarius are both intellectual creatures & work according to their own belief systems. Holding on to opposing values, they share very few common interests, & the difference in the outlook towards life makes even those topics hard to be talked about. Clarity & understanding towards each other’s thoughts is mostly absent & mental compatibility generally lacks confidence.

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