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Virgo Scorpio Compatibility

Virgo & Scorpio compatibility: ‘A Favorable Settlement!’

Virgo & Scorpio enter a love match that has the potential to be successful, yet faces certain challenges. While Virgo can feel secure & attracted when with Scorpio, Scorpio is compelled to give in to the logical approach & intellect of Virgo. The two complete the circle of life that they visualize in their minds. However, the dark depths with a Scorpion’s heart can turn Virgo’s world upside down, driving them mad or even into depression. Compatibility levels are generally good.

VIRGO & SCORPIO Love Compatibility: 7.5/10

Scorpio is like a black hole who can absorb everything within, leaving behind no traces of it. Virgo needs such approach to open up emotionally, as they long for a partner who does not judge them. This nonetheless, can also be the downfall for this relation, as the two continuously point out each other’s faults. Though Scorpio would not mean most of it & forget soon enough, the constant bickering can leave a deep mark on Virgo, leading them feeling ashamed of themselves. For better love compatibility, the two partners need to keep their speech in check.

Trust Compatibility: 9/10

Trust is a rough terrain for this love match, yet they constantly work at it & make for a highly compatible bond. Virgo needs to be sure of their partner before they start trusting someone. Scorpio on the other hand, is clouded with their own dark fears of being cheated upon. Hence, it is not easy for either sign to trust the other. Yet once they get together, the connection is so strong that the two unintentionally begin to trust each other blindly & open their hearts willingly, showing good compatibility levels.

Communication Compatibility: 9.5/10

Communication compatibility for these signs is extremely good, yet is based mostly on silent exchanges. Virgo loves to indulge in intellectual conversations & Scorpio dwells into deep silence. More often than not, Virgo would follow Scorpio into their silent journey & the two begin to communicate at a higher mental level, where words may not suffice the expressions. Mutual understanding & simple gestures of the eye effectively passes the message across to their partner.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 6.5/10

The initial stages of the sexual relationship between Scorpio & Virgo can be tasteless, as emotional conduct is usually hidden. Scorpio longs for their partner’s faithfulness & indulgence in intimacy, & the absence of it can really throw them into depression & self-suppression. Over time, as the two partners become emotionally active, sexual satisfaction levels rise & reach good levels. The exchange is mostly led by Scorpio’s passion, followed by Virgo’s commitment towards their partner.

Mental compatibility: 7/10

Virgo & Scorpio can be very similar on mental level. They both tend to let go of what’s not needed, yet have certain fixed values that they’d fight for. While they share many common interests, the uncommon things can really turn their world into a warzone. Scorpio can at times, be very stubborn at holding on to things or matters that would push Virgo to their limits. Not as an act of perverseness, but due their different natures, such issues can create minor clashes in this love match.

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