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When you are dating with a Scorpio, Read relationship tips for Scorpio sign

There is something so intense about the sexy allure of Scorpio that one can’t help but turn head, no matter what’s your gender. It’s not your look Scorpio but that intensity, the sheer colossal confidence behind. You are not afraid to push your emotional boundaries and explore new horizons. Think JLo or Beyonce, you will know what we are talking here.

On the downside, the more intense you are, the more highs and lows you have in your love life. You have a lot of depth and character Scorpio. It’s not easy to match up to your expectations. But there are certain areas where you can work too. Let us help you with some dating tips that would help you enjoy your roller-coaster love rides.

Embrace Your Intensity

For ages, your sign has carried the reputation of being the red-hot sensual lover, undeserved or not. The moment people learn you are a Scorpio, they form an image in mind. In a sense, your image precedes you. But, you don’t have to live up to it. Don’t let your intensity become a stumbling block in your love life. Every human being is an amalgamation of different planetary energies, and Moon’s placement in Scorpio is just a little part of the picture. You may or may not have the red-hot passion that your sign has the reputation for. So you don’t have to look like Angelina Jolie nor do you have to fake a Scorpion vibe or passion. The intensity you need to embrace says that you can make your decisions yourself, you are not afraid to reveal your desires or even fulfill them, and when you in are in it, you are in it for the long haul. Let this intensity shine bright and intoxicate others, which it shall.

Don’t over-investigate

The world for you is either black or white. But don’t forget the fifty shades of Grey. We are not just referring to the color here. Human eye can only see 32 shades of grey anyways. In assessing potential mates, there are areas that take time to understand, that you don’t have access to, that people take time to show their true color in. Christian Grey in the movie has several facets of his personality, sometimes downright romantic to being sex fanatic at others. Unless you have the full picture, you can’t judge people. So there is no need to make intense efforts to investigate into or understand someone. In doing that, you may miss enjoying the basic moments of the evolution of a relationship. You are an intuitive soul and you have to trust your gift but people cannot be simply labeled into evil and good. Let time decide and enjoy the ride until then.

Let it heal

You may not like reading it, but you are oversensitive at times. Relationships break, things don’t work out and it’s okay. By being overly sensitive to these mishaps, you run the risk of heartbreak. It does no good to you, and nor to those involved. You may become toxic and revengeful or jump into a new relationship while still keeping the past one clung to your heart. Masking pain or carrying the burden of past only hurts. Move on when you are ready. There are moments when you need to draw the line, when you need to let the wounds heal, when you need to shed the mystery garb and speak out to purge emotions. It will only help you reemerge on the love scene in true Scorpion fashion.

Who should you not date?

  • Overly practical people, who cannot open up to your depths.
  • You have lifelong domination issues. It’s best to date someone who is not too controlling or there could be power struggle.
  • Avoid dating someone who digs too much into you. You want space and privacy, and offer the same in return. People who cannot respect that do not go along with you.
  • You should not date impatient folks or people who run away from emotional depths and commitments.
  • Your least compatible Moon signs are – Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries

Who is your soul mate?

  • Someone who can understand your emotional needs, and is as much honest about his or her feelings too.
  • You would get along with someone who is patient and would understand that by being possessive, you don’t mean to control them but validate that this relationships is for real. As soon as you know that, you begin to trust and loosen the grip.
  • You need someone strong, sexually compatible, and at the same time, ambitious and career-oriented too.
  • Someone who reveals their true personality but still respects your secrecy, or rather enjoys the mystery.
  • Your most compatible Moon signs are – Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo