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About Gemstones

Which gemstone should I wear? And by wearing which gemstone will I get success in my business and what is the gem that brings good luck to me, and which gemstone should be worn for marriage? This is the question that comes to our mind when we think of wearing a gemstone.

We are providing you some information about Gemstone, that’s how many types of Gemstone are and how it is connected to your zodiac sign, and how it affects your Planet.

According to Indian astrology, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are nine planets, all of these planets play an important role in the human life. And all of these planets are connected to our zodiac signs and every sign has its own planet.

When a planet enters a zodiac sign or changes its place, then these changes have an impact on our zodiac signs, and this effect brings success, wealth, glory and happiness in our life, and on the other side, these changes also have a negative effect on our sign, such as loss of business, quarreling in the family, failure to achieve success even after doing some work repeatedly, poor health. These are all the changes in your life, due to the change in planetary positions.

Gemstones are used to reduce the wrong effect caused by the change in all these planets or to get a good effect from these changes.

According to Indian Vedic Shastra there are 9 astrological Gemstones

  1. Ruby Gemstone
  2. Pearl Gemstone
  3. Yellow sapphire Gemstone
  4. Emerald/Panna Gemstone
  5. Blue sapphire Gemstone
  6. Diamond Gemstone
  7. Coral Gemstone
  8. Hessonite Gemstone
  9. Cats eye Gemstone

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