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Cancer Monthly Horoscope – Based on Moon Sign

monthly horoscope cancer
Cancer November Horoscope- Cancer might have a difficult month during November 2019. There could be challenges from various sources. You could feel troubled due to opposition to your ideas and nature of people all around you. Domestic matters and issues at home might also create a lot of controversy for you. A feeling of being cut off and distant from others could be felt this month.

The feeling could get accentuated after the 6th November 2019. Negative thoughts might be present at many times this month. Try to avoid controversy and be positive as much as possible. Aggression in thinking and disturbed & aggressive sub conscious could push you towards unnecessary controversy. Avoid these issues as much as possible.

careerCareer:  Career would be positive this month, although you could lose money due to financial pressures and commitments this time. The aggressive sub conscious and angry speech could spoil your relations with people at work. You need to be careful on this account.

Avoid any form of controversy till you cross 27th November 2019. A positive and growth oriented period after 27th November 2019. Work environment would be difficult. You will feel neglected and alone at times. After the 6th November 2019 some sort of controversy could push you in a corner. You should avoid getting depressive and being complexed about situations. Try to find other interest and support of friends to cross this month successfully.

Team would be positive. There would be gains due to support of family and people close to you. You could do well by delegating more work to colleagues as that would be a better strategy for your career growth.

Love and Marriage:
 Love life could bring in its share of challenges. There would be misunderstandings, confusions and controversy in love life could spoil chances of a new relationship. Existing relationship will be positive although there would be unnecessary stress due to high amount of controversy and angry speech at times.

Marriage matters will be positive. There would be some amount of orientation towards home. However, negativity and some verbal conflict could rise between the 9th November 2019 and 25th November 2019. You should avoid ego at home for best results.

moneyMoney and Finances: Money matters would be average. You will find good returns from real estate and fixed sources of income this month. Some amount of fluctuations and volatility in liquidity could be felt till the 9th November 2019. Better period thereafter till the end of the month. Income will not be easy, there would be hurdles and some amount of breaks in flows of money that come to you.

Debt could be a source of concern. Repayment of loans could create some pressures. Investment should be avoided. Speculation of any sort could turn out to be negative and bring in losses. Avoid taking financial risks.

studentStudents and Children: Students will have a somewhat stressful month. The level of concentration and focus on studies might be lower than average. There would be distance and worry in studies after the 6th November 2019. Avoid distractions and focus on your work as much as possible. Exams might get a bit spoiled due to rash and uneasy actions. Health of children would be average. There could be some amount of distance in your relations and communication with children this month. Some controversies possible after the 6th November 2019, so you should be careful in your dealings.

healthHealth and Family: 
Family life will be somewhat pressurized due to interference from family members. You might have some sort of aggression or lack of affinity towards family this month. Ego towards family could also be higher after the 16th November 2019. Avoid controversy at all times. Health would be positive. You should avoid hot or spicy food. Otherwise overall health is in your favor.

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