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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope – Based on Moon Sign

monthly horoscope capricorn
Capricorn November Horoscope- Capricorn would have a positive month overall. There would be good amount of activity, your actions and efforts would be recognized. You would be mostly creative and focused on all you do during this month. Level of energy and opportunities in new areas of life would open up also during this time. A certain amount of disconnect in love and relationships could be felt throughout the month. Anger and tendency to lose your temper would also be there throughout this month. Avoid controversy as much as possible. You should focus on your work and remain clear in your objectives for best results this month.

careerCareer:  While there would be a very high level of activity and new events would keep on happening this month, still level of success would be lower than your expectations. There would be overseas travel under stress and expenses would also be high due to your work commitments during this time. Creative work will be much appreciated. There would be clarity after the 9th November 2019 while new ideas and creative efforts would be better before the 9th November 2019. Work environments would be very positive, you would be in control at all you do. Overall your position and status would be such that most of the instructions and power would flow from you during this month.

Team and colleagues might create some hassles for you. You might experience some amount of resistance and competition from colleagues. Be careful about how much work you delegate as chances of being upstaged will exist throughout. Stress in this regard and a rise in competition could be there after the 6th November 2019.

Love and Marriage:
 Love life will take a dip. Opportunities might turn a little low during this month. While desires and need for love will be high still the chances of success are not very good till the starting of the next month. Be careful and restrain your thoughts and outlook. Existing relationships might take a dip also. There might be mental distances as well as physical distances.

Avoid controversy and stress with your partner. Marriage matters will be quite positive, spouse would be happy and position of spouse will rise also. Some disagreements and issues that you might have been experiencing will improve after the 9th November 2019, overall a good month for marriage matters.

moneyMoney and Finances: Money matters would be quite positive. Your financial status would rise. There would be exceptional gains this month also like the last month. Overall a positive outlook for you this month. Income would be slightly unsteady but there would be good amount of reserves and gains to you and overall a positive outlook. Investments will not be easy. Chances of losses or wrong decisions in investments are possible. Be careful about your investments. Speculation of any sort should be totally avoided.

studentStudents and Children: Students will have a slow month. The level of opportunities and progress in studies might go down a bit. Exams if taken now would give you very good results but the learning process might get hampered. Relationship with children might get a bit stressed out. Physical and mental distances might create controversy. Ego with regards to children will be a bad idea. Try to spend a quality time to improve the bonding between you and your children.

healthHealth and Family: 
Family life would be positive. There would be improvements and gains for family during this time. Health will be positive although there would be some setbacks due to excessive anger and wrong diet. You could experience issues with stomach due to wrong diet and excessive spices. Be careful about what you eat and try to remain stress free for best results.

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