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Gemini Monthly Horoscope – Based on Moon Sign

monthly horoscope gemini
Gemini November Horoscope- November 2019 would be a challenging month for you. Your mind would be worried and stressed on account of various possibilities that could be negative in nature. Mind would be unsteady and you might have trouble making decisions till 9th November 2019. Creative work will be positive, you would get good amount of new ideas and thoughts on addressing new areas of work during this period.

Worry will remain and that could cause unnecessary hurdles for you. Thinking could be negative and fear factor could be high close to 25th November 2019. You need to defer important decisions till next month. Major changes should also be avoided during the month of November 2019.

Focus on work would remain high and you would put in a lot of hard work during this month. Maturity in thinking would be present although changes in the way of your doing work and outlook towards life would come in after the 6th November 2019. Depressive thinking and negative thoughts could be high throughout. Children might have some health related issues. Caution is required overall. And you need to go slow and steady during this entire month.

Career:  Career will see major changes this month. While your focus on work would be high, still some modifications in your way of working will come after 6th November 2019. This month, you should focus on taking up challenges and trying to achieve success in areas where others have failed. This particular streak and method of working should give you the highest amount of success. As long as you are ready to take risks and open up new areas, your progress in career would be good. Career environment would be positive. You would be aggressive & dynamic and a lot of new activities would be felt all around you.

Subordinates and colleagues will be supportive. There would be some amount of competition from within the team and anger within the team will also be present. You should try and drive this anger by using up the energy in a positive manner. Make your team work hard and be a tough task master for the best results.

Love and Marriage:
 Love life will be challenging. There would be differences of opinion, some confusion and ego hassles which could spoil romance for you. Existing relationships could be negative. Negative thoughts, confusion and misunderstandings could spoil matters with your partner. Avoid controversy and any sort of major decisions in life. Marriage matters will be positive.

Spouse would control you but still there would be a happy phase. Temperament of spouse could be fluctuating and volatile at times after the 6th November 2019. You should avoid any form of controversy and misunderstanding and keep away from creating hassles for spouse around the 28th November 2019.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be positive. There would be gains although worry about a sustained source of income will remain throughout. Some improvements will come after the 9th November 2019. Before 9th November 2019, liquidity could be quite poor. Income will be steady and there would be a good amount of gains this month. Investments of any sort should not be planned as it is a negative time for investments. Speculation and risks might not give you good returns at all.

Students and Children: Students will have a difficult month. There would be difficulty focusing on studies and exams could also be disappointing and results might not be as per your expectations. You should wait for the month of December for better results. Health of children might be difficult. There could be minor health issues that could bother you. Relations with children would also get spoiled due to some wrong things said or written. You should avoid any form of controversy.

Health and Family:
Family life could also be a bit turbulent. Misunderstandings could take place. Avoid getting controversial unnecessarily. Health would be positive and there would be good results in health throughout.