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Libra Monthly Horoscope – Based on Moon Sign

monthly horoscope libra
Libra November Horoscope- Libra would have a better month compared to October 2019. The personal pressures and high level of anxiety would give way to a more reassured & a happy state of mind. Your sub-conscious will be finally at ease, although your mind would be over active and over-reactive.

Harshness in thought and actions would be present. Try to be more flexible and get understanding about people around you. There would be good gains and progress due to friends this month. Luck would be high. Travel for pleasure would again be possible this month.

Some amount of health issues cannot be ruled out so be very careful about how much stress and pressure you could take on yourself. Power of expression & speech will be very positive. You will make tremendous gains and progress due to your skills in communicating with others.

careerCareer:  Career would be quite active, turbulent but positive. There would be a high level of activity and gains from work that you do this month. Your fixed and focused approach will give you a lot of progress. Some amount of diversion and confusion will come in after the 22nd November 2019. Be careful and avoid major career decisions during this time. Work environment would be very positive.

There would be happiness and support all around. Team members will be very helpful, there would be growth due to support of your subordinates and colleagues. Overall a very good time. You can delegate work without too much of a worry.

Love and Marriage:
 Love life will be positive. There would be a certain amount of happiness and contentment in love relationships. New relationships might not be possible but existing relationships will be very exciting. There would be a tendency to work towards the commitment in relationships. You would be very radiant and positive and attract people all around you. Socially it will be a very active time. Marriage matters would be very positive. You will have an excellent time in the company of spouse. Good understanding will be felt. Overall, it is a good month.

moneyMoney and Finances: Money matters would be positive. There would be good amount of gains and financial growth during this time. Income from fixed sources and investments made in the past will give you substantial inflows and gains this month. Income will also be good in other matters like profession and other sources of income and money. Investments will be tough this month. You might be confused and some incorrect investment decision is possible between the 5th and 9th November. Be very careful and if possible avoid taking risk in investments and any form of speculation.

studentStudents and Children: Students will have a successful but a stressful month. You would need to work hard. There would be need to concentrate and learn a lot of new things during this month. Some challenges in learning could be felt after the 22nd November 2019, while confusion and some major mistake in understanding could come around the 6th November. Be careful. Exams will go off very well and the results should be excellent this month.

healthHealth and Family: 
Health would be positive although there could be some worries around the end of the month. Be careful and in case you find anything out of place, get your checkups done on time. Family matters will be very positive. There would be happiness and some form of celebration in the family.

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