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Taurus Monthly Horoscope – Based on Moon Sign

monthly horoscope taurus
Taurus November Horoscope- Taurus has an excellent month now. Most of the planets are in your favor and you would seem to be in control of all the things that you plan to do. Career, personal life and finances will be positive. You will find good amount of gains and activity in your financial resources. Pressure in personal life that was felt last month would also ease out substantially now.

Ego could be a bit higher than usual after the 16th November 2019. Your expression would be excellent and that would become the means of maximum gains for you right now. New associations should be handled carefully. You could find some controversy due to a partner this month.

careerCareer:  Career would be on a high and you would find creative satisfaction as well as very high level of growth due to various efforts done by you right now. Creative work will be well rewarded. Your creativity and expression would be exceptionally higher till the 9th November 2019. Hard work and brilliant ideas will help you overcome competition during this month. Work environment would be positive. There will be some hurdles due to adjustments but overall you would be able to control and find ways of running the work environment very positively for yourself throughout the month.

Team would be positive and delegation of work would give you very good returns. You would find very committed and faithful people who would work for you and colleagues will also be very positive. Overall good time to make maximum progress. New people if they join your team will also do very well now.

Love and Marriage:
 Love matters will be better than before. Controversies felt in the last two months will give way to a better period although improvements will be felt next month. Existing relationships will be positive. But some amount of confusion and controversy could be till the 9th November 2019. Overall there would be a rise in position and happiness with your partner. Marriage matters will not be easy, spouse would be aggressive and domestic unrest could be felt frequently. Although there would be pressures but still your preoccupation at work and other positive influences should cut down your problems in marital matters.

moneyMoney and Finances: Money matters will be very positive. You would find substantial inflow of funds from various sources. There could be inflow of loan and other debt related money too in case you are experiencing it this month. Income will be very high and there would be a spike after the 6th November 2019. Investments will be good too. Avoid taking loan for investments otherwise a positive time overall. Speculation should be avoided at all times.

studentStudents and Children: Students will have a very good month. There would be progress and gains. Exams and expressions will be very positive. You will find exceptional growth for you. Children related aspects will also be good. Although health of children could be a cause of concern for a little while. Overall a positive time.

healthHealth and Family: 
Family life will be very positive. There would be happiness, growth and all around peace. Health will be average. You should avoid outside food or excesses in what you eat otherwise health matters will be positive for you this month.

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