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Kundali Matching & Astrology Compatibility Analysis: What to do when horoscopes don’t match?

Chances are that you entered birth details in kundali matching or Guna Milan software online and came out with a low Compatibility Analysis score. But let us first clarify one thing. Guna matching is just part of the picture of Horoscope Matching & Match Making. This does not necessarily mean that the match is incompatible. Let’s dig deep into the Guna Milan system and see which of the 8 parameters are most important.

So there are 8 Kutas or groups and each is assigned a score. The total score is 36 and below 18 is deemed low.

Ashta Kuta
Factor Assessed
Tara or Dina
Graha Maitri

The last 4 of the Kutas are considered the most important – Graha Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot, and Nadi. If you look carefully at the table above, you will find that 15 points are awarded for Nadi and Bhakoot. If only these 2 factors do not match between the boy and girl’s charts, the compatibility score is likely to come as low.

But do these 2 points constitute so much importance that they render the match as unacceptable? Certainly not! Nadi Dosha is checked for progeny possibilities, which in fact, depends more on placement of Jupiter and Venus in the respective charts than Nadi Milan. Getting 0 in this factor does not necessarily mean that you will not have a child. Certain Vedic remedies also prove effective in pacifying this dosa like donating beauty products to married women.

Another key factor assessed in Guna Milan is Bhakoot Dosha. Moon signs of the prospective bride and groom are assessed for making any inauspicious combinations like 6-8, 9-5 or 12-2. Bhakoot Dosha can cause instability, distance, progeny issues and financial problems in married life of the couple but the problems can be nullified with remedies like by helping to arrange marriage of the poor.

A good marriage is a meeting of the minds and in that sense, Graha Maitri becomes one of the most important parameters in horoscope matching. It is the assessment of compatibility between the Moon signs or the lords of Moon sign of both the partners. This determines the possibility of peace or war in the domestic sector. Gana (Deva, Manushya, Rakshasha) is also important but there are factors that nullify the effect such as both partners having same or friendly lords, same navamsha or friendly lord of navamsha. It is also imperative to note that in Gana Milan, only the gana of the stars where Moon is posited at the time of birth are considered. The stars of rest of the 8 planetary energies are not taken into account.

Other than Guna Milan, there are certain other parameters that can act as balancing factors in a marriage and help make a more accurate compatibility analysis. These are:

Mangal Dosha – Absence or cancellation of Mangal Dosha suggests harmonious married life and better compatibility.

Dasa analysis – If one partner is undergoing the main period of a malefic planet but the other is under a very positive period, it balances the effects.

D-9 chart – It’s a 9 times magnified analysis of the horoscope of both to assess marriage and relationship success.

House of longevity & health – The 1st and 8th house of both are assessed as they denote age and wellbeing.

Strength of 7th house and lord A positive 7th house and strong placement of the 7th lord indicate towards a good married life. It also nullifies the effect of certain Dosas you might have.

So before you rely on astrology software to assess compatibility, stop and rethink. It only covers certain aspects of horoscope matching. Unless you take into account all the factors discussed above, a concrete compatibility analysis cannot be achieved at based on Vedic wisdom. Thus, it becomes all the more important to consult veterans. You may also like Relationship Analysis & Marriage Astrology reading.