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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

For the past year, the Sade Sati-Saturn spell has caused you to face challenges in all aspects of your life on a regular basis. These experiences have made you mature enough to handle any situation without stress. Unexpected expenses, spending for family members’ medications, and frequent travel for both personal and official matters will continue this month. The career will proceed with the usual tension. The subordinate’s involvement in work will be sluggish, causing anguish and irritation. This will most likely be handled by your commanding nature in the first half of this month. This will have a positive impact, and the work may be completed as planned. The family and relatives in general may remain friendly with you. The financial flow will equal the outflow. Overall, this month will give you the confidence to deal with any contingencies with ease. Avoid making major decisions or travelling between January 23 and January 25, 2023.

Career: The usual stress and anxiety will continue. Subordinates’ lack of involvement and interests may cause anguish. But you’ll put your foot down to make them work and get things done. The second fortnight may be stressful because the government or its agencies may come to inspect and check statutory papers. Any violation of their norms may result in penalties. The delay in meeting the schedule may be inconvenient. This anomaly will irritate management. However, with your experience, you will handle the situation amicably and achieve the goals set.

Love and Marriage: In the midst of the demands of work, you will take some time off in the second half of January to spend time with close friends. This will provide much-needed relief and relaxation. This will revitalise and refresh your mind. The meeting’s intent will be decent, with no room for sensual feelings. Marriage prospects for people born under this sign are not promising at the moment.

Money and finance: Despite the delay in realising normal receipts of money on hand, the flow of finance will be consistent. If your children are of earning age, they will present you with a purse of money. The receipts from the government are expected in the second fortnight. This may be possible with considerable effort and patience. The expenses will equal the inflow.

Students and children: Students will be focused and consistent in their studies. This month is likely to see a shift in their focus away from academic pursuits. However, a friend and well-wisher will assist in resuming their normal routine. Except for mental exhaustion, one’s health and physical fitness would be normal. The children may occasionally be rude and refuse to listen to your instructions. But they will realise their error later.

Health and Family: The physical well-being of oneself and family members would be normal. Your assistance in providing medical guidance may be required by the relatives. Blood pressure must be constantly monitored. The benefic Jupiter’s visit to the sixth house of diseases will aid in the correction of any anomalies in physical well-being. On the home front, the opposition and arguments of the members may predominate. In the beginning of the month, the spouse may dictate and act harshly. The clash of interests between father and son is likely in the second fortnight. This month, members will most likely travel to a pilgrimage center. At home, everything would be fine.

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