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2020 Career Astrology Report

2020 Career Astrology Report


This report will cover up key points namely: –

  • Career Overview which guides about the kind of challenges or positivity that can come across in professional life.
  • Any chances of job change in 2020 as due to adverse planetary combinations, obstructions might be coming for job changes for few which might be turning positive in 2020.
  • Whether there will be chances of increments this year as lot of blockages might be there in the previous year but New Year might bring opportunities which can give chances of increments in 2020.
  • If unemployed, whether there are chances of getting job or not as changing dasa will be fruitful to give chances of job in coming time.
  • Suggestions to follow for better professional life such that corrective step can be made for better professional returns. It will be a guiding lens to act and modify life for better professional returns.
  • Predictions for 2020 in regards to professional life based on Vimshottari dasha which is the standard dasa used in Vedic astrology such that you can act and use a better time period for professional success.
  • Remedies to overcome obstacles in professional life as remedies will able to curb negativity in professional life by pacification of malefic planets in the chart.
  • Gemstone for better career prospects.

Astrology pooja for better professional life.

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A career as we all know is the pillar for better financial life. Better career opportunities can lead to happiness in the family but problems in the professional life not only hurts family life but indirectly pose pressures on Health too. With the advent of 2020, Jupiter will be moving to its debilitation sign that can pose pressures in career but fortunately, Jupiter will be moving to its own sign for the period of few months as well in 2020 that can give opportunities for career whom Jupiter is beneficial in the birth chart.

Saturn will be changing signs and will be moving in Capricorn which leads to gradual changes in professional life. Rahu will remain in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius till 18/Sep/2020. Transits of these planets might leads to gradual changes in various walks of life.


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