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Birth Time Rectification Report

Birth Time Rectification Report


Astrology is science that deals with future predictions but for correct predictions, correct birth details are required such that predictions can be made but at times, we do have correct date and place of birth but do not have correct time of birth. We are confused over time of birth by few minutes but this few minutes can change prediction for the native and that is why correct birth details have a huge importance in casting predictions.

With that perspective in mind, we had come up birth time rectification report for you in which you had to give 5 events with date and year in relation to your career, education, travels, marriage, finance, health like:

  • When you had purchased a house or car?
  • When you get married?
  • When you get a job?
  • When you had faced any major health problem?
  • When you had travel abroad?

Further, you had to give us time that you might be confused as well or even if you do not have any clue regarding birth time, at least you had to give whether you are born in the evening, night, afternoon or in the morning.

Afterwards, various calculations will be made regarding events in various charts and answered regarding your time of birth will be given.

In astrology, birth time rectification holds higher status as without correct birth details, predictions cannot be made and thus if you are unsure of birth time, you can take birth time rectification report for getting rectified time based on events.



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