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Business Compatibility Report

Business Compatibility Report


As far as job matters are concerned, by our sincere efforts, we get promotion and increments and we rise higher in professional life but at times, obstructions come in our professional life and due to that promotions and increments hangs.

At that time, various thoughts come in mind like:

  • Whether to go into business?
  • If business suits me or not?
  • Whether to go in partnership business or self-ownedbusiness?
  • Which sectors will be good for business?
  • When is the right time to open a business?
  • Any advice to be followed in business?
  • Obstructions that can come in business?
  • Astrology remedies that will be handy for business growth.


With that perspective, we had come up with business compatibility report for you. If business suits you, then answers in relation to above questions will be given else there is no point giving answers to the above questions, when the business does not suit you. In that case, which career sectors will be good for a job, when career can rise, astrology remedies in regards to good career growth will be provided such that career growth can be there.

From astrology perspective point of view, there can be many reasons for good business potential and that are:-

  • Ascendant lord is stronger
  • 2nd,3rd, 9th and 11th house are stronger
  • D10 chart is stronger

In this way, you can take business compatibility report such that you can know whether to go in for business or job for your betterment.


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