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Career Astrology Report

Career Astrology Report


This report will cover

  • Overview of your career area by looking out the birth chart, concerned houses and position of their lords with concerned divisional chart to assess professional life better.
  • Fields that will be good for a career will be discussed in this section such that professional rise can be much better in the long run.
  • Precautions that had to be taken for your career rise such that you can grow higher in professional life as it will be helpful to build strategies effectively.
  • Probable time for your career rise (if there is a possibility in your birth chart) such that you can know when better growth can come in career and when hard results can bring in financial happiness.
  • Whether a business will suit you or not as it will be better to make your strategies accordingly as there is no point in losing money in case business do not suit you and there is no point in doing the job in frustration in case of business suits you.
  • Answers to your queries in which a maximum of 3 queries will be answered such that as a bonus, you can get answers to queries that are haunting from a long time.
  • Remedies are being given such that obstructions can be reduced as remedies will be helpful to reduce bad planets effects which are putting pressures in professional life.
  • Gemstones that are good for professional rise will be prescribed through which power will be given to good planets in the birth chart.
  • Astrology pooja that will be good for career will be prescribed to pacify malefic planets as malefic planets reduce professional growth.

With the help of career astrology report, we can follow advice and astrology remedies such that we can counteract negative combination in relation to our career and can have much better professional growth.



At times in our life, we rise and fall in our career. We constantly try harder to get better job or increments in current job but results do not come which give frustrating moments. At the same time, our compatriots and friends do get better promotion and salary hike and reasons for that irregularity are quite difficult to understand. If we talk from astrologer perspective, there can be many factors which are working against our career With that perspective in we had come up with career astrology report for you.

There can be many reasons for problems in a career which might be due to the following factors and that are:

  • Rahu in 10th house and its sign depositor is weaker in the chart.
  • 10th house and 10th house lord is weaker in the chart
  • D10 chart is weaker
  • There is astrology dosha in chart.
  • Functional malefic planet in 10th


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