Financial Status Reading

Want to know about your money situation? Curious where your gains will come from?

This reading reveals your financial status in life. It tells you about your money-making potential, savings, and assets, and which investments give the best returns.

How does this Reading work?

  • We study your birth chart to see how it connects to your wealth and finances.
  • Your overall financial status is analyzed.
  • We look at planet movements, combinations (Yoga), and dasas (planet time-periods in your horoscope) to find your chances of making money and gaining wealth.
  • We figure out when you’ll have a positive cash flow.
  • We explore the next 15 years to find where your money will come from and the best work for you to grow wealth.
  • We also check for special wealth-creating planet combinations in your horoscope and when they’ll show results for you.

Benefits of the Reading:

  • Learn if you’ll struggle or be comfortable with money, or even live in luxury.
  • Find out where your financial gains will come from, like investments, savings, gold, or property.
  • Discover the best investment options for you, such as real estate, stocks, bonds, gold, or starting a business.
  • See which areas (like manufacturing, law, or media) are best for your financial success.
  • Figure out if self-employment, government work, or private sector suits you better.
  • Learn when you’ll have a positive cash flow and when your assets will grow.
  • Get a year-wise money forecast and understand investment success and challenges.
  • Know the times of your financial ups and downs and when opportunities will appear.
  • Identify any planet combinations that block your financial success.
  • Receive remedies to fix difficulties and challenges related to money gains.

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