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Health Astrology Report

Health Astrology Report


This report will cover up:

  • Overview of health area as this will be helpful to know probable diseases that can affect health and corrective action is taken for better health.
  • Precautions that had to be taken for better health such that health can be better in the longer run or health problems can be reduced.
  • Probable time period that will be bad for health such that necessary adjustments can be made before hand for better health.
  • Answers to 3 questions will be given in the report itself to get answers to your queries.
  • Astrology remedies for better health which can reduce pressures in relation to health.
  • Gemstones that will be good for better health will be provided.
  • Astrology pooja that will be good for managing better health will be provided.

With health astrology report, the action plan can be created and with the help of astrology remedies and medications, better health or health improvement can be there in the longer run.



There is old proverb called “Health is wealth”. With sound health, we will able to enjoy our life but without good health, problems come in every walk of life. There is need to take better care of health through better diet and taking medicines on time to ward off any diseases. With that perspective in mind, we had come up with health astrology report.

Astrologically, there might be various reasons for bad health like:-

  • Ascendant lord is weaker.
  • 6th house is in weaker state.
  • 2nd house is weaker.
  • Bad planet dasa-antardasa might be operating.