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Rudraksha Astrology Report

Rudraksha Astrology Report


This report will cover:

  • Which rudraksha will be better and will depend upon the problems faced by you?
  • When to wear rudraksha as the proper day will be required to wear rudraksha for better effects.
  • How to wear rudraksha such that rudraksha can give better results.
  • Mantra to recite before wearing rudraksha for better results.
  • Precautions for taking rudraksha such that results can come in a positive note.


Rudraksha comes under astrology remedy section and by wearing correct rudraksha will bring positivity in life. There are different types of rudraksha which bring different in life which can be suggested by looking birth chart. With that perspective in mind, we had come up with rudraksha astrology report for you.

Difference between rudraksha and gemstone is that gemstones are worn for the functional benefic planet in the chart whereas rudraksha can be worn for any planet whether it is functional benefic or functional malefic planet but the birth chart is needed such that correct rudraksha can be prescribed for happiness in life.


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