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When will i get married?- Get Answer by Astrology

When all people come to a well-planned age, they think about a good life partner with whom they can spend their whole life. At that time, many kinds of questions arise in your mind. As, when will get married? Or when will my marriage be? If it is, will it be a love marriage or an arranged marriage? And at what age will my marriage be? And what would be the right choice for my marriage? Or who is my perfect match? You can find answers to all these questions through your Marriage Horoscope Prediction based on your date of birth.

Astrology facts to know about when will I get Married?

Astrology is the way of known about when will I get married? According to Indian Vedic Astrology Shastra, 12 houses of your kundali reflect the most prominent aspect of your life. The 7th house of your kundali is a symbol of your marriage. This house tells you whether there are yogas of marriage in your life or not. Apart from this, 2nd, 5th, and 8th house plays an important role in predicting marriage, when will my marriage be? Or when will get married?

Know about Love Marriage or arranged Marriage

And if you want to know whether my wedding will be a love marriage or an arranged marriage? For this, it is very important to have strong 5th houses in your horoscope, because 5th house are the house of love. If the house and his God are strong, then the possibility of having your love marriage without any hassle or obstruction is increased. In addition, if the 5th house has captured its emotive planets, then the possibility of your love marriage increases on the basis of astrology.

Some people face some other kind of problems related to marriage, which we have given below.

  1. Related to delay or late in marriage
  2. Related to Divorce or Separation in marriage
  3. Related to Remarriage or Second Marriage
  4. Related to direction of marriage
  5. Related to marriage Yogas
  6. Related to timing of Marriage
  7. Related to marriage longevity
  8. Related to life partner from abroad or India?

To decode the cause of your marriage concerns and to give you an answer, when will I get marriage? Our astrologers analyze many factors in your birth chart and also analyze the effects of transit planets.

There are three main factors to consider:

  1. Potential in your birth chart,
  2. Impact of Mahadasha and Interdasasha and
  3. Impact of transit planets.

There is a lot of analysis at the secondary level, which helps to confirm their overall observations in your birth chart.