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The Psychology of Why People Believe in Astrology

Why do people believe in astrology? People are anxious about their future and ambitious. Everyone wants success and they think that astrology can be used to know the future and to be successful. At the same time, there are people who dislike and run campaigns against astrology.

All the ancient texts have something to say about soothsayers, healers, prophets, and sorcerers. There is a beautiful story about Lord Ram winning the contest to marry Sita. The muhurta which strings the Siva Dhanush is a very auspicious muhurta in astrology. It is called Ram Baana Muhurta.

In Mahabharata, Vyasa has mentioned three planets in different books

Vishesheena hi Vaarshneya Chitraam Pidayate Grahah….[10-Udyog.143]

Swetograhastatha Chitraam Samitikryamya Tishthati….[12-Bheeshma.3]

He says that when this war was about to happen, Uranus or Sweta was in Chitra nakshatra.

Everyone is curious to know what their future is. India is a country where the politicians depend very much on astrology. Even our date of independence was set by the advice of astrology pundits. When Pakistan set the date as August 14, our astrology pundits strongly opposed and our independence day was set on August 15th. We can see the difference in the growth of the two countries. This is taught as a case study in most of the astrology classes.

In the earlier days, astrologers were seen as old people who are not very educated, but nowadays a lot of professionals and studying and practice astrology. There is a trend to study astrology as a part-time subject and this trend will be growing in the coming years and the voice of the atheists and rebels may not be widely accepted.

People around the world is showing a great interest in astrology because they have that anxiety to know what will happen in the future. They want to take remedial measures if something is going in the wrong direction.

People come to an astrologer mostly, when they are in trouble. They want to know what they can do to get over the trouble.  Astrology is seen as a part of divine science so, there is a tint of divinity also connect with it.

According to Astrology

  • When Jupiter is either combust, retrograde, debilitated, with negative planets or aspected by negative planets, that person will always talk against traditional sciences and religion.
  • It is a plain truth that when your Sun is debilitated, ie, when the Sun is in Libra, then that person will surely have challenges in relationship father. Father can even be non-existent.
  • When your Venus is exalted, then it can make you highly demanding for sensual gratification and when Venus is debilitated then you can have issues from the opposite sex.
  • Even if these planets are not in these dignities, you can have challenges, but when these planets are in these dignities, then you will be closer to the attributes.

Almost all religious books inform us that everything is predestined and at the same time, we have free will. It is a difficult concept to understand. So, we have a little room left to do the right thing and get our life in the right mode.

Mysticism is not seen as everyone’s cup of tea. Mystics are always treated as people from a different dimension. Astrology is hard to learn, and when it comes to Vedic astrology, it is too complicated.  The more complicated astrology it gets more seductive. The life in this three dimension is full of challenges and the world is getting competitive and moving to be very unrealistic. That itself makes people follow all the unhealthy trends, and people want to listen to what they sooth them. They want to be hopeful and confident and astrology can give them the confidence and guide them through the right path.