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Cancer Horoscope for 2021 predicts that the natives should curb their enthusiasm a little this year. The year will be really slow and challenging for the individuals born under the Cancer . If the native doesn’t begin the year (which already has an expansive nature of Venus in Sagittarius from January) in the right way, it might lead to anxiety-inducing days.

The transit of Saturn in Capricorn has a harsh impact and when they are upon the Cancer , the period of time will be really hard to get through. However, if the native put in a lot of work into their efforts, Saturn will definitely reward them with a fortune in 2021.

While the year will bring some unsuspected changes to the life of an uninitiated Cancer native, the Mercury moving into Leo in August will bring harmony and things will show signs of lightning up for them.

Cancer Career  Horoscope 2021- The Career horoscope of the Cancer shows stability in 2021. Though it will be a really busy year at work the native will definitely earn a lot if they keep their focus intact. If the native doubles up on the efforts they make at work, they will definitely get the recognition that they have been craving for years.

If you work in a creative field, Saturn and Jupiter will help you feel less distracted. While it may seem like your projects are taking too long for eventual completion, it is important that you find the upside to them. The career horoscope predictions of the Cancer show that the months of January, February, March, and April will be especially favourable in 2021. Foreign travel related to a major work-related need may also happen in the month of April.

Cancer Love & Romance 2021- The Cancer horoscope for 2021 will bring forth clarity to you as far as love is concerned. Thanks to the Mercury in Capricorn in early January, the year will be like a slow reset for you. All the problems, ego clashes, and fights you might have had in 2020 will slowly see a more focused resolve from your end.

The Love horoscope for the Cancer native predicts that 2021 will be an overall mixed year with positive and negative results in unison. The Cancer native has the habit of leaning on to their partner for almost everything. However, 2021 will help them understand self-worth and build them up into individuals who use their isolation for bigger purposes.

If you are romantically involved with someone, the time period between March until April will be especially lucky for you. This will be the time when you will understand your partner and their needs in a better way. The months of May, August, and September will be auspicious and you will get closer to your partner with each passing day. However, other months may see its downside due to mental stress. Misunderstanding and fight may be caused out of trivial matters that can be otherwise handled easily.

Career Finance Horoscope 2021 – The economic front of Cancer natives is supposed to be quite stable during the year. According to the Cancer horoscope for 2021, the year may start with a loss on the financial front but if the native keeps a tab on the money they spend everything will get back to normal soon enough.

The month of March will see a gradual change in finances as the Cancer native’s horoscope for 2021 predicts gains from the government sector. The loans that you may have taken previously may get cleared off too. However, due to your fluctuating health issues, you may need to spend some of your resources on your medical bills and overall well-being.

You will also have an urge to travel somewhere in the month of June which may further surge your total expenses. But, August seems to bring back your expenditure, as profits are on the cards due to the Mercury moving into Leo leading to expansion.

Cancer 2021 Marriage & Relationship Prediction- The marital life for the Cancer native will have mixed results in 2021. The horoscope of a Cancer native in 2021 shows that some months will be extremely stressful since major planetary movements are predicted. While other months will bring in the much needed marital bliss back to the native’s life.

2021 may bring in a lack of intimate moments between you and your spouse. The reason behind this can be their spiritual inclination and interest in performing religious activities. The opening months of the year really need you to be honest in the relationship. If you aren’t honest with your spouse there’s a chance that some tension might arise on the marital front. However, this period will cool-off post February when Venus transits the Capricorn signifying intimacy and pleasure will make a comeback in your life.

Family Status in 2021 – The Cancer horoscope for 2021 revels big changes to be seen on the family front. Both birth and death are likely possibilities so there will either be an addition of a family member or a loss of one. Domestic issues are always a priority for the Cancer native but 2021 will see a gradual decline in that priority. However, you will start paying attention to family again after Jupiter moves into the 4th house in September. Jupiter signifies a happy transit and it will improve your family life to a great extent.

As far as children are concerned, the 2021 horoscope for the Cancer predicts a mostly positive outcome. The presence of Ketu in the fifth house, however, serves as a threat causing some major ups and down in the life of your child. Planetary movements for the Cancer may tend to cause a distraction for their children. Hence, they should be extremely careful with their personal issues and treat them with love and respect.

Cancer Health in 2021 – The health horoscope for the Cancer native in 2021 comes with the advice of being careful with their health-related problems. Unwanted conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter can be the cause of grievous health concerns for the native. The conjunction may result in some ailments that hit the native’s overall well-being adversely.

The months from January to April will specifically be challenging for the Cancer native. If they don’t keep a regular check on their eating habits they may fall prey to health concerns. Getting themselves checked on a regular basis is highly recommended. Avoiding fast food and exercising daily is a must for the Cancer . If they don’t practice discipline in their daily life, minor health problems may become big in no time.

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