Leo Horoscope 2021


Leo 2021 Overview – Leo horoscope for 2021 shows signs of great conviction in the year. You will be on a natural streak of taking decisions that may show your rigid behaviour, but if you don’t come off as stubborn, most of your decisions will come to a fruitful conjuncture.

2021 horoscope for the Leo predicts that the year will not be without its ups and downs for the native. With the nesting of the Rahu in your tenth house before the beginning of the year, good results are going to procure for the native. On the flip side, the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the sixth house may bring you into a state of rivalry.

The Astrology predictions of 2021 also notify that the Leo native shouldn’t succumb to taking shortcuts in any way. This is because the Leo will have an economically enriching year only if they pay attention to their investments and be extremely careful in not taking the easy and scummy way out.

Leo Career Status in 2021 – As mentioned above, the presence of the Rahu in the tenth house can make it easier for the Leo to work with their co-workers and colleagues. Consequently, the Career horoscope of the Leo in 2021 shows that the native will find it easier to assign and delegate work to people making their overall existence in the workplace more peaceful.

Rahu can play an important role in surprising and sudden progression on the professional front for the Leo . The sun conjunction with the Saturn and Jupiter early on in the year may result in extra stress though. This may somehow carry on forward and result in some kind of conflict of interest with someone important in the workplace. Remaining calm in adverse situations will be your only way out of the mess, promising a good year ahead.

Leo Love & Romance  in 2021 – The love life of a Leo native is supposed to have mixed results in 2021. As per the predictions of the Leo horoscope of 2021, some natives may finally land the perfect opportunity to marry the love of their life this year. The months of April and September will be especially auspicious for those Leo natives that are planning to take the next step in the love relationship with their partner.

For other natives, 2021 love and romance predictions show chances of turbulence in their relationship. However, despite that, the natives can end up having a prosperous year if they only hold back on their egos to come out and stirring away from unnecessary conflicts.

Leo horoscope predictions for 2021 also features Mercury retrograde. So, if the native manages to improve on the way they express their feelings, chances of their love life blooming into something more serious is on the cards. The chance of pregnancy in a married couple is also a strong possibility in 2021.

Leo Finance Status in 2021 – According to the finance horoscope for the Leo , 2021 will be a year with major ups and downs when it comes to money-related matters. In general, your finances will mostly remain stable in spite of some major expenses this year. The Leo native is suggested that they should try to find more income flow sources if they don’t want to get into financial trouble.

The year will begin on an optimistic note with the month of April being the luckiest. You may just find a better chance of earning money which will really make you happy. However, the income you accumulate out of this lucky streak will be spent during the months of August and October on your family members.

Marriage & Relationship in 2021 for Leo – As far as the marital life of the Leo is concerned, the initial months of 2021 are going to be extremely stressful for the native. The blessings of Jupiter will be the only way for the Leo native to come out of a crippling stage in their married life.

If the Jupiter benediction is not upon the native, the problems for the Leo may extend further down the line. The months of April through September can be extremely wary if the native doesn’t devote as much time as possible to their married life. If they don’t pay attention, the conflict may blow up to an extent where separation will be their only option.

The Leo predictions for 2021 also show that there are chances of health deterioration in your partner. So, pay attention to it at the right moment or else it might result in a major economic collapse.

Leo Family Status in 2021 – The family horoscope of the Leo for 2021 predicts that the domestic life will flourish this year. You will not only face parental bliss but your spouse will also support you in your endeavours. However, as soon as the presence of the Ketu in the fourth house changes with a transit of Jupiter in the sixth, situations may get a little mixed on the family front.

The changes in the Leo s Kundli will bring a sense of harmony but your family members may face certain challenges over the course of the year. You need to be extremely cautious about the health of your parents. You need to take care of them as the year is likely to bring them to low spirits.

As far as your children are concerned, the Leo native’s child will have a successful year as they will excel in all fields of life. This kind of success will bring joy to both you and your family members.

Leo Health status in 2021 – As per the Leo horoscope predictions for 2021, health problems may be pretty evident this year. Since these predictions are pretty sureshot in most cases, it is advised that the natives take extreme precautions beforehand. Being prepared for the year will be their only way out as a conjunction of the Saturn and Jupiter in the Leo horoscope can bring forth a major health issue for the native.

A health-related issue that can be associated with hands, stomach, or kidney may deter the spirits of the Leo . The Leo horoscope predicts that it will be necessary for the natives to be extremely cautious about their own well-being in 2021. Airborne diseases and joint pains can also be an issue that might come up in some of the Leo natives. The people who have diabetes should be extra cautious as their issues may increase during the course of the year.