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General information about Aquarius

Aquarius, the water bearer tends to be the most genuine and humane of all signs and at the same time, unconventional and freedom loving too. Everything new age and novel finds favor here. They are sort of rebellions in nature; prefer the avant-garde ways to do things. Aquarius horoscope natives are inventive too, with plenty of new ideas to experiment with. Their life is a constant discovery, of opportunities of universal compassion and invention.

These humanitarians tend to prioritize the Universal over individual, societal over personal. In love, they may never be as intense as Scorpio or as immersed as Pisces. They seem to be distant and aloof, lost in their own dreamland. But they tend to be very loving, kind and supportive as parents, family members or spouse. They are genuine, and help from all their heart when someone is in need. Life for them has a universal purpose to serve. Aquarians tend to be very optimistic and never dread from what is to come, but it is always wise to read the Aquarius daily Horoscope to stay prepared for the surprises and shocks. Meanwhile, the detailed analysis of Aquarian lifestyle choices and tendencies will help dig in more into their personality.

The water bearers have a tendency to create a self-sufficient life. They have multitude of friends and a huge social circle, yet they never to seem to achieve intimacy. This is because they tend to be afraid of relationships, and often prioritize the social and universal cause over their personal contentment. They do not get involved emotionally with people and situations. They are so insecure of their independence that they never seek help from others. However, when it comes to helping others, they tend to go out of their ways. They always worry about the bigger things in life, the current global issues and trends, what others think of them, and what to expect in future. They are the most sleep-deprived of all zodiac signs. You simply cannot let them sleep outdoors for they love to star gaze, and may spend the whole night doing that. Born astronauts!

You picked an al fresco restaurant so you could dine under the stars. You focused more on the crystal candelabra and hi-tech furniture than your food. Authentic locally sourced roasted veggies were served to you that you ate like a bird and asked the waiter to pack the leftovers. You humanitarians are always aware that there are people starving. When you feel like having something exotic, you go for Poha berries and Rambutan fruits for their eccentric look. Your eating habits are as quirky as you are, dinner at 5pm and having Pizza for breakfast is quite normal to you. And you fishes love seafood, from exotic octopus to crabs.

There is more to your personality than the daydreaming. You are independent and eccentric, if the whole world is wearing blue, you will go for green, just because you rebellions want to stand out. Your fitness and health routine is likely to be laid-back. You will rather prefer swimming or football than a workout routine in the gym. Associate a cause with their fitness goals and they will stick to it. Think marathons. You are prone to fractures and spasms around feet, thus be careful. When it comes to fashion, neon and fluorescent green are your colors of choice. You bohemian souls carry eccentric styles and colors so well that they soon become trends.

You home is likely to be very welcoming and earthy. You are not obsessed with beautifying it but prefer to create an inviting atmosphere. Your garden is likely to have a telescope and the kitten that you provided shelter to in rain. Your homes are likely to have some new-age elements too. Practical utilities find precedence over aesthetics. The concept of smart homes is designed with you in mind. You like to control everything at home from the palm of your hands. Door openers, smart thermostat with voice control, motion detectors, wireless lighting, and climate control are a few gadgets that strike your fancy.
Your home is likely to have a futuristic feel with dimensional/3D wallpapers and stainless steel furniture. Aqua, silver, electric and metallic shades are your favorite for interior color scheme.

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