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Aries Woman

If in a serious love relationship, Aries woman would pour her heart out! She is always high on energy, usually enough to carry out even their partner’s tasks, which can sometimes be overwhelming for the partner. She is passionate & giving as long as long she is sure about the relationship. If the relationship seems unclear, or she is unable to reciprocate similar feelings as expressed by her partner, she would immediately end the relation without wasting much time.

  • Aries Woman SEXUAL Life – For an Aries woman, sex is a part of her identity. While she is very much aware & confident about it, she chooses to keep her intimacy a private affair. With a huge libido, she carefully chooses her partner who can satisfy her in bed. With an overflowing need for physical satisfaction, she can sometimes leave emotions out of the bed & would choose to discuss her needs & preferences only with the chosen one. At the first sign of sexual incompatibility, the relation has to end for her.
  • Aries Woman LOVE Life – When in love, Aries woman is open & flaunting about it. Her impatience is evident & would do everything possible to catch the attention of her lover. Though usually lacking emotions, if in love, there are no bounds to her emotional display for her love! Expect surprises, favors & the best of her looks to always be at your service. However, do not take her for granted or challenge her ego, as all hell is likely to break lose & she will not hold it back then!
  • Aries Woman TRUST – Aries woman is usually one of the most faithful ones out of the lot. Trusting them is easy & natural. Their actions are straightforward & she does not feel the need to lie. Nonetheless, what can really baffle her is if her past tries to mingle with her present. If an ex-shows up on her doorsteps, she would not know what to do, & would probably not tell her present partners about it! Not that she would want to go back in time, but handling the past effectively is not her thing, making her extremely confused & uncomfortable.
  • Aries Woman LIKES AND DISLIKES – Aries woman is caring & passionate towards those around her. Her high energy levels & healthy libido make her a unique catch. She likes to help people even if it needs her to go out of her way. This can sometimes be annoying for the one being helped. She just cannot let the leader in her go! She would give advice & offer to help even when she is not exactly needed.