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General information about Cancer

Tender, sweet, and nurturing, Cancer is the only sign that can stand in competition with Scorpio when it comes to emotional intensity. Those born with Cancer horoscope are very caring and compassionate; their home is often their comfort zone. They seek to build a secure and calm place for their family to fulfill their need to care. Nevertheless, they have a tendency to be a total procrastinator especially when it comes to dealing with issues and arguments. They are usually not passionate about doing things alone, but give them a buddy and they will spare no effort to reach the goal. The crab-like personality keeps switching roles, from the fighter with sharp claws to the timid crab retreating in its shell.

An emotional connect is very important for Cancer. They may not give their 100% when in gym but when have someone to accompany them, they become very passionate and may even become an early riser. The biggest strengths of Cancer are their patience, perseverance and loyalty, which help them earn life-long friends and relationships. Cancer tend to see the good in everything but that doesn’t mean they can be fooled, their intuition is their superpower. To learn more about Cancer sign, and how the days will unfold hereafter, checking the Cancer daily horoscope would be a good idea. Meanwhile, here is an in-depth analysis of Cancer lifestyle.

Cancer are very considerate, they love to nurture and won’t find it difficult to rise at five in the morning to prepare breakfast for everyone. You have a tendency to take care of others, providing shelter to the cat in rain and be the world’s best parent come natural to you. Cancer woman makes the perfect homemakers indeed. Nevertheless, due to your overly emotional and tender nature, you tend to dwell in the past and find it hard to say no. Your sleep patterns remain disturbed, as you tend to take your thoughts to bed. Your sleeping habits tend to touch extremities, from nightmares to insomnia.

So your friends asked to visit the next-door restaurant, to ultimately know that you had prepared a lavish dinner for them at home. You all enjoyed and shared your food and you even served it to all. You discussed the recipe you plan to try soon. Ever wondered how you tend to talk so sweet? Monitor your sugar intake and you’ll know. You have a sweet tooth for all things sugary – chocolates, cookies, ice creams and cupcakes. Avoid too much of candy crunching though to keep your waistline in shape.

You like to stay in shape but dragging you to gym could be a difficult task. You would rather prefer workout videos to joining the sports club.  When it comes to beauty, you are not that regular with therapies, styling, and grooming because you are ever immersed in nurturing others. You have a penchant for the classics, such as pearls, pastel shades, lacey and soft fabrics. You don’t seek the spotlight, rather you are the one who cheers from behind the curtain. Although you look nurturing and motherly but inherently, you are a sensual and sparkling person. Occasionally, you like to pamper yourself to a bubble bath with essential oils.

Warmth, comfort, security and a sense of belongingness are most important for emotional contentment of Cancer, thus home is where they feel at ease. Their homes are nothing short of a sanctuary, an escape from the outer world. There has to be proper ventilation and inflow of natural daylight, as it makes you feel free and cheerful. A garden will be a great addition for your love to nurture and grow. Add a pool or fountain and the crab has a dream home ready by the ocean. The greenery will also make you feel alive. Blue, aquamarine and green are the best colors for Cancer.

The decoration may ooze nostalgia. There will be plenty of photo frames and family portraits, antiques, and ancestral heirlooms. You may not spend lavishly on decoration and embellishments like Taurus, but enough to make your home look and feel cozy and comfortable. An open kitchen set up works best for Cancer, which will become a place to try your cooking skills as well as socialize with family, all at the same time. The kitchen is likely to be equipped with almost everything available in the market.

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