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General information about Pisces

Creative, dreamy and romantic, Pisces personality is like that of poetry for their expression of feelings and ideas is intense. Being the last sign of the zodiac, they tend to take some attributes from all the signs. Their ultimate aim in life is to find peace and harmony. They like to build a secure and cozy environment for themselves where they can stay in serenity with their loved ones. Loving and loyal, Pisces tend to be very sensitive. You might not be the best person to take along for a tragedy movie. You have a healing persona though and act as a source of comfort for others, but never for yourself.

When in an emotional turmoil, you resort to art for it gives you emotional fulfillment. The emotional dimension of life and existence is very important to Pisces. Due to being overly poignant, life is messy at times for Pisces. It would be wise to read Pisces Horoscope to find out what to expect ahead so you don’t end up shocked and stuck in an emotional storm. Meanwhile, Read Pisces daily Horoscope will help have an in-depth understanding of their preferences in life.

Pisces have a tendency to lead a messy life, there is likely to be a lot of chaos on an emotional level primarily. The clutter in mind makes you disorganized and undisciplined. You need peace of mind, thus should practice meditation and Yoga. Emotional contentment is what Pisces ultimately seek. You are a creative soul too, thus have a habit of indulging in artistic pursuits. You imagine a lot, love to dream, both at night and day. Your imagination helps you heal wounds on your emotional self. It is hard to make out when a Pisces is relaxed and when in motion for your mind is always running.

You had a temporary break up and went out for dinner with friends to calm yourself down. Since you are an emotional eater, you ate a lot, talked with your mouth full and had a lot of water in between. You were expecting your partner to call but they did not, so you burst into tears. The bill arrived, but you did not have enough to cover the expenses so your friend paid. As you went back, you stopped at the cash machine and paid your share. Emotions drive your eating habits. Since you are overly sensitive at times, you tend to feed yourself on junk food and sweets.

Fish tend to be very laid-back when it comes to their fitness routine. They need a real push or at least a fun company to conjure up the courage to visit the gym. But they are appearance-conscious thus somehow stay fit, especially with focusing on activities like swimming and water aerobics. Their fashion statement is sleek, delicate, and dreamy thus their wardrobe is full of enchanting dresses and period costumes. And not to mention, they spend a lot on makeup. Their makeup kit is likely to have items that add a magical touch such as body shimmer, shiny lip-glosses, mascaras, and glittery eye shadows. But that does not mean that the mermaid of the sea is all for outer beauty. They can dress as fantastically as they can carelessly depending upon mood and day. Pearl, pastel shades, and floral prints strike a chord with them.

Imagine a seaside villa with direct access to the beach and a hammock in front. It is a Piscean dream home. They love to live by the ocean. Their home is an epitome of creativity and artistry with a sense of fluidity. While they may not be very organized when it comes to managing their home, a perfectly structured home is an anchor for these hovering creatures. It is their ultimate escape. There are likely to be many windows with flowing curtains to feel the fresh air. Indoor greenery, fluffy white furry rugs, floral printed couch, and pastel shades are intrinsic part of their interior to ooze freshness and create a tranquil atmosphere.  Ceramic vases with coastal flowers could be the perfect centerpiece for their dining table. The bedding has to be comfortable and chic, possibly white cotton bed sheets with fluffy quilts and pillows with embroidery. Bathroom is one of the most important parts of their home for it is their sanctuary. Airy, bright, light and a watery feel is all it takes to build the perfect Piscean home.

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