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Monthly Horoscope – Based on Moon Sign Read your monthly

Read your monthly horoscope based on the movement of the planets and know how this month is going to be for you. This Horoscope Prediction is based on Moon Sign.


Aries, November could be a little more challenging than before as luck seems to be less favorable than the previous month. Nevertheless, these occasional setbacks would not dampen your spirit. Your energy level would be high and you would be active & eager to grow.


Dear Taurus, November would be an average month for you. There would be stability overall, with occasional challenges here and there. Growth prospects seem to be good in all aspects of life; however, few areas require your dire attention.


Gemini, November would bring mixed results for you. You would be more mature and intelligent. This improved wisdom could become your strongest asset helping you fight challenges and win despite the odds.


Dear Cancer, November is a positive month for you in quite a few ways. A surge of new enthusiasm and determination would enter your spirit, likely to cast a positive influence on all areas of your life.


Dear Leo, November seems to be positive for you in a lot of ways. You are likely to be recognized and respected in different spheres of life, especially career and business. You would get a lot of name .


Dear Virgo, November would bring a much-needed positivity in life. You would be highly intellectual and wise, and this sense of maturity would help you enjoy life even in the worst of circumstances.


Libra, lady luck seems to be on your side in November. You are likely to see a lot of positive developments in all spheres of life. The wheel of fortune may turn in your favor, but remember .


Scorpios , your life would take a turn for the better in November. You would be quite determined and enthusiastic this month. Your stamina and energy level would be high too.


Sagittarius, November is quite a progressive month for you. You would be able to manage your life well and strike a perfect balance between personal and professional sphere.


Capricorn, November would wind up as an average month. Your aggressive instincts may affect opportunities that are likely to knock your door in November.


Dear Aquarius, November would be a positive period overall but keep your expectations realistic. You will do very well in career matters but over-investing yourself into work .


Pisces, this seems to be a very pleasant phase of your life. Your earnings would be substantial in November so you need not be concerned about your financial position. There could .