Relationship Analysis Report

Ever wondered why some couples have strong, lasting relationships? Compatibility in mental, emotional, intellectual, physical, and sexual aspects makes it work, even if things aren’t perfect at first.

Vedic astrology checks compatibility by analyzing birth charts, which also show how relationships affect other parts of life like luck, family, health, and more.

How does the report work?

Our Vedic astrologer uses two methods: ‘Asht Koot Milan’ (matching eight ‘Gunas’) and a unique Planet-based Matching.

Planet-based Matching checks:

  • Sun and Moon for soul and mental compatibility
  • Venus for love and affection
  • Mercury for intellectual compatibility
  • Jupiter for wisdom and spirituality
  • Saturn for vitality and support

Benefits of the Report:

  • Learn about your partner’s wisdom, mental compatibility, and sensitivity
  • Discover physical and sexual compatibility, and if desires are met
  • See how you appear as a couple in society (social compatibility)
  • Check if instincts and values match
  • Find out if it’s true love or just convenience
  • Understand if you’re friends, lovers, or spouses
  • Learn about mutual respect in the relationship
  • Analyze the relationship’s length and how it affects luck, health, and finances
  • Discover if children are likely
  • See how the relationship affects career growth and family life
  • Prepare for potential ego clashes, competition, and conflicts

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