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Share Your Problam, Get Solutions..

Share Your Problam, Get Solutions..

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Pt. Ram Acharya Panday Experience : 15 Years

About Ved Shastra

About Ramacgyra
Namaskar, I Ram Acharya Pandey, welcome all of you on We try to give best astrology service to all of them. Those who come to us with their questions. We do astrology prediction on the basis of Indian Vedic astrology principle. So far, we have studied more than 3000+ horoscopes. In which we have given our readings on love, marriage, career and business, children’s issues, Money aspects, and counseling on specific matters. About Pt. Ram Achary – If I talk about myself, I would like to say that I have taken Vedic Astrology degree from BHU Banaras. It’s been 25 years since I predicted in astrology. I got the real knowledge of astrology from my guru Pandit Shri Govind Acharya. He was my Grandfather. I come from a Brahmin family, in which it is mandatory that a Brahmin should have knowledge of all his scriptures. My Grandfather who was a famous astrologer. He imparted knowledge about Vedic astrology to me from childhood under his supervision. Today, I am the best astrology I have been able to become because of his knowledge.
About Ved Shastra
In Vedic Sanskrit, the Vedas have been considered as the first volume. It has great contribution in Indian culture. According to Indian Astrology, “Vedas” is the means of attaining knowledge through which all the events occurring can be known or attained. If we want to understand Vedic astrology or the events occurring in the universe, how it works, before this we need to know about “Vedic Shastra”. Jyoti Shastra (Vedic Astrology) means the science of detecting the speed of planets that happen in universe.
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