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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Aquarius December 2017 Horoscope: December 2021 would be a challenging month again. You will find some amount of pressures at work. Hurdles will seem to be high and sub conscious could be disturbed and unsteady. Domestic matters could be a bit disturbing due to the Volcano combination of Mars and Sun. pressures could be high in home matters after the 15th December 2021. You need to be careful about safety of home as well as your car and conveyances during this month. Extended family related issues could also crop up so be careful on that account. Competition could rise against you so be careful. There are possibilities of purchase of a property or move in your location also after the 19th December 2021.

You will find that your temperament would be very erratic and unpredictable at times. This could cause issues around you and it would be beneficial that if you understand what will be the affect of your thinking is upon others. Overall if you are able to control your mind then things would be gradually better and easy to go along.

Career: Career will see high activity, rise in status but pressure from superiors also. New areas would open up and you would meet a lot of new people but domestic matters and issues with people at home could have a negative impact on career. Work environment is going to be positive. There would be expansion and some steadiness at work after unsteady few months in the past. Team and colleagues will be aggressive, difficult to control at times. However improvements will come in as the month progresses towards the end.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be positive as you will be romantic and get along very well with people around you. Chances of a new relationship are also present after the 2nd December 2021. Existing relationships will have good positive trends. There could be an inclination to be romantic and going out frequently with your loved one. Marriage matters will be aggressive. Spouse would be in a phase of aggression and anger. Overall it will not be easy to get along unless you are able to keep quiet and keep a steady mind. Domestic matters could increase in terms of pressures and problems after the 5th December 2021. Be careful and avoid ego.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be positive and stable after some time. There would be easier and happier trends overall. This month is better in terms of gains from real estate also. Income would be positive and steady yet again. Investments will also be good as long as they are into long term and steady areas. Real estate investments will also do well.

Students and Children: Students have a positive month. There will be an ability to think in a lateral manner and good amount of success and progress would come about due to that. Overall it’s a happy phase for students and exam results also would be good during this month. Children related matters are positive. Health of children might be below average but overall its good and steady period. Family matters connected to children will also be positive.

Health and Family: Family matters will be positive. There will be happy trends overall. Health would also be positive. As long as you can keep your anger and stress in control health should be positive for you.

Students will have a very good month. Results would be excellent and lerning ability would multiply tremendously. Exams will give you very good results too. Matters related to children will be very good. There would be happiness , progress mostly. Children would do very well and your position will rise. Your health will be under pressure.

Stress and anger could be the reason for poor health. In case you a patient of diabetes , hypertension this is a time to watchout. Family matters would be very good on one side but there could be problems due to family or spouse during this time. Overall relationship with family could be tricky so be careful.

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