Aquarius Monthly Horoscope – Based on Moon Sign


Aquarius Moon Sign August Horoscope

August 2021 would be a good month with some amount of challenges which are going to be unexpected. You will find there would be some rise in ego and issues with people close to you. However, you will remain dynamic and in control of things overall. You should avoid aggression with team members and superiors during this time. New partnerships would be forged and joint ventures and joint areas of work would do very well for you.

Aquarius August Career Horoscope

Career would be very positive. Hard work, dynamism will see excellent growth for you. You are about to see new levels of growth and progress for yourself at work during this month. The work environment will be aggressive. You also might be aggressive with your boss and if you are not careful chances of a conflict or a fight are possible. The team and colleagues would do well. You should be able to administer them and delegate work to your advantage. Do not be over aggressive, however with people around you.

Aquarius August Love and Marriage Horoscope

Love life would be difficult. There would be a good amount of controversy and misunderstanding, relationships might not do very well during this time. Existing relationships would be average, but there could be verbal conflicts and things said which might backfire later on. Improvements in relationships can be expected after the 23rd August 2021. Marriage matters will be much better, except for ego after the 27th August 2021 with spouse. Mostly it’s a good month for marital matters.

Aquarius August Money and Finances Horoscope

Money matters would be positive. There would be gained due to joint work and joint projects. Income will also pick up tremendously during this month. Investments would be average. You should not take too much of a risk in terms of investments now.

Aquarius August Students and Children Horoscope

Students would have an average month, but overall education would be good. Exam results would be much better than your expectations so you will have a good time. Children related matters would be positive. The happiness of children is assured. Avoid saying things which are controversial between the 4th August 2021 and 22nd August 2021.

Aquarius August Health and the Family Horoscope

Your family life would be quite good. There will be happiness and possibility of celebration in the family now. Health would be average, but overall nothing major is expected this month, so overall things should be positive.