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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

This is one of the Zodiac signs that has been on the receiving end for the past year. The state of the workplace, relationships with coworkers, and the health of family members will all cause anxiety and concern. You may be mentally and physically exhausted and desperately seeking a green patch where your worries can be unloaded. Your spouse and a few friends will be the most consoling, as they will support you and give you the confidence you need to deal with the situation. The health of an older sibling, particularly a sister, would be cause for serious concern and would necessitate immediate medical attention. The financial situation would be upbeat, which could offset the funds required to weather other difficulties. Overall, this month will provide an opportunity to face all-around challenges with confidence and support from the spouse and certain close friends. Avoid making major decisions or travelling between January 28 and January 30, 2023.

Career: The professional front remains unstable and without hope of improvement. Your efforts may not be recognised or reflected in a pay raise. Your efforts to make a change may not be fruitful. However, if you can hold out until 2017, you will be rewarded and recognised. Saturn in the tenth house will force you to toil and learn the trade. This may be useful when the planet moves to the eleventh house of gains and income. You should exercise caution when dealing with a female coworker in the first half of this month. Any poor approach to dealing with her may backfire on you.

Love and Marriage: You may be hesitant to make social contacts.This is because the planet Sun, which rules the place of relationships, is opposed to Saturn’s sign.During this time, Jupiter in the seventh house may facilitate an outing with someone you most admire. A brief encounter with this individual will revitalise you. Marriage prospects for people born under this sign are possible before June or July 2023 if serious efforts are made to finalise the alliance.

Money and Finance: The financial situation would be comfortable. The receipts from children, the share from ancestral property, and the income from the government are all forecast. The second half may require you to pay statutory payments and penalties. Domestic expenses would be normal, and the purchase of certain home comfort items is planned.

Students and children: This is a good month for children, and they should do well in their studies. The earning children will financially support their parents. They may spend money in the second half of this month on expensive study aids. They may even take a holiday with friends in the second week of this month. Overall, the children’s development would be satisfactory and pleasing.

Health and Family: This period is not expected to have any major physical issues. As their chronic ailments worsen, the spouse may face serious complications. Jupiter in the seventh house of spouses will help keep the illness under control. The ambiance at home would be normal, but with your confused mindset, you are likely to disturb the peace at home. The transition and placement of Ketu in the first house may cause your mind to be disturbed and depressed. As a result, your relationships with family members, friends, and well-wishers may suffer. Your spouse will be very supportive, and that will be the only solace you have during these difficult times.

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