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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

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Cancer December 2021 Horoscope: This is an exceptional month as you have support from various planets all around. Multiple planets are giving you the energy to do good, make things happen. At the same time there are planets which are bringing in success as well as gains for all the previous efforts done in your life. There are good possibilities of fulfillment of desires during this month. Your position will rise, there would be power, better finances. The Volcano yoga of Mars and Sun unlike other signs will give you lot of gains. This occurs in the house of income so you would gain in relation to other people and the gains would come probably at loss to others.

Creative work will give you lot of gains during this time also. you will find that your communications will be abstract sometimes unclear but at the same time there would be a lot of creativity and intuitive communications which will help you still gain and progress due to how you talk to others. Travel plans will be present now. Love is definitely in the air. There would be happy and positive vibes for you. You will experience a high level of desire and should make sure you don’t end up making mistakes in terms of making any wrong moves. New areas at work could open up. Children related matters are not happy. While stomach or gynecological problems might come up too.

Career: Career would be very positive. There would be gains, dynamism and aggression. Gains will also come from people in authority and Government sources. Work environment would be stable and much better than before. Your colleagues and co-workers might hide a few things from you but still they would end up giving you results and positive growth.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be not very conclusive or productive. While desires would be high, you might not get the results or the progress that you are looking for. Existing relationships would be happy. Socially it is a very exciting time. Spouse would be erratic and unsteady at times. You might have differences of opinion; avoid controversy as much as possible.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be quite positive. There would be gains from sources all around you. Benefits would come in and savings will grow right during this period. Income will be substantially higher. Investments should not be attempted and any sort of speculation should be totally avoided.

Students and Children: Students won’t have a easy month. There would be dissatisfaction, distractions and difficulties. Exam results however will be very good. Health of children will not be very good. You might have differences of opinion. Temperament of children might be negative also and cause disappointments. Not an easy month for children related matters.

Health and Family: Your health will be good. There would be all around happiness except for stomach or gynecological areas for women. Family matters are positive. There would be happy and positive trends for you throughout.

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