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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

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Cancer natives have been in a rut for the past six months. Jupiter, the most benefic planet, is in the second house of family and gains. The Rahu-Ketu transit, which will take place on January 8, 2023, may place Rahu in the second house alongside Jupiter and Ketu in the eighth house. This Jupiter-Rahu alignment is known as “Guru Chandala Yoga.” This may disrupt family harmony, as some members may split up, income may be delayed, and relatives may distance themselves from you in general. Workload and frequent travel may make getting enough rest difficult.This could have an effect on health and fitness. The first half of the month will be better for your health, relationships with your spouse, and life in general than the second half. The dates of January 12th and 14th, 2023 are not auspicious for making important decisions or travelling.

Career: No significant changes are expected in this area. Ketu, the snake planet, views the tenth house of profession after transiting to the eighth house on January 8, 2023. This will cause the activities on the job site to slow down and the workers to lose interest in meeting the management’s goals. However, the planet Jupiter in the tenth house will ensure peace and progress at your workplace, despite any obstacles. Your initiative at work will be noticed by your superiors. Persons in office who are working against your interests will be effectively removed, with no impact on your position.

Marriage and love: You might not be in the mood to pursue love or other romantic pursuits. Saturn’s influence on the house of relationships, combined with the Sun’s shift to this house in the latter half of this month, will spoil and deny any involvement in love matters. During this time, the marriage prospects of people born under this sign are not promising.

Money and Finance: This front would be adequate and would not make you feel deprived of funds. Whatever is owed to you will be credited to your account, regardless of any obstacles. The flow may slow in the second two weeks of this month, and a blockage may prevent money from reaching your hands. In the second fortnight, more waste and statutory penalties are likely. Be cautious and avoid these scenarios. Overall, you are safe in this industry.

Students and children: Saturn in the fifth house of children and Mars in the fourth house of education may cause students and children to become bored and disinterested in their studies. However, Jupiter in the second house may rekindle and renew their academic interests. Any exams taken this month will yield positive results in the first half of the month.

Family and Health: Because of the eyes, heat, and virus infections, you may feel uneasy and weak. The health situation may improve in the second half of the period. Children, especially children, should be watched over because fractures to their hands and legs are possible. The alignment of Rahu and Jupiter in the second house of family harmony may cause some disruptions to the peace at home. However, Jupiter’s presence in this house will alleviate family tensions and foster a friendly atmosphere at home. Keep your expressions in check and avoid any verbal sparring with family members. Despite the pull and push, the family will travel on a smooth path! 

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