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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

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Capricorn December 2021 Horoscope: Capricorn this month would be challenging. There would be growth and gains but pressures will rise and mount steadily. You might feel a bit disturbed and out of thoughts in your thinking. While there be pressures due to your own responsibilities and executive powers and pressure of some people superior to you due to these extra responsibilities this month.

You would be dynamic, positive but after the middle of the month you might find yourself cut off from family and not happy with how the family has treated you.
Try to keep your resentment at bay. Work and career will still remain a very very focussed and high activity area. Keep on working hard for best possible results this month.

Career: Career would be very active. There would be very high level of activity and progress would be substantial. You will find very good amount of gains due to work and any financial matters connected with your career would do very well this month. Work environment would do very well this month.

Work environment would be a a bit difficult after the 4th December 2021.Some things that you say or write could trigger off against you. from juniors or colleagues. Be very careful on this account. Team members and colleagues might also become competitive and create hassles for you without thinking about how you would react to them. Be careful about how much you delegate your authority to people around you.

Love and marriage: Love life will be positive. There would be steady trends although high excitement of the past month might not be present. Still you need a good and steady period to stabilize your love life compared to the past. Existing relationships will also be steady. Level of commitments and happiness bonding with each other would rise.

Turbulence of the past would give way to some very stable trends now. Marriage matters might not be easy. After the 4th December 2021, there could be certain controversy which could backfire and spoil relations between you and spouse.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be quite positive for you this month also. Your financial position will continue to rise and inflows would be substantial also. Income will be good, your luck in financial matters would be high throughout the month. Investments would give you very good returns, there would be growth. You should go ahead in making new investments if you have any new plans this month.

Students and Children: Students would have a very good month. Your learning abilities and expression would be very positive. Recognition is possible in school or place where you study. Overall an excellent month for students.

Children related matters will be happy. You will find yourself well bonded with your children. There would be positive memories and opportunity of a family trip during this time.

Health and family: Health would be positive. There would be some amount of stress that could create certain hassles otherwise health matters would remain positive throughout. Family life will be happy. There would be very good positive trends all around which will keep you satisfied and positive in family matters.

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