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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

monthly horoscope capricorn

Except for your ruler, Saturn, the other planets are not in your favour this month. The financial situation will be encouraging. The career front will proceed without much change or difficulty. Family ties and the attitude of the spouse can be unpredictable. It may change on a daily basis. The children’s concentration on studies may be low. It is possible that you will have to spend money on legal fees to recover your share of family property. The father’s health may require medical attention. The repayment of a previous loan will deplete a large portion of your savings. This month, you’ll be tired of dealing with crises from unexpected sources at regular intervals. Avoid making major decisions or travelling between January 25 and January 28, 2023.

Career: This front will proceed as usual. The routine problems that come with working will persist, but you will be able to overcome them easily. The previous periods’ efforts will result in significant financial gains. The recognition will be conferred on the job, and the possibility of assigning a key position in the setup is anticipated. Subordinates and colleagues may not value the importance bestowed by management. However, their efforts to discredit you may be futile.

Love and marriage: Capricorns have a soft spot and attraction for the opposite gender. But they are not interested in being open. This month may present an opportunity to go on an outing with a close friend. Marriage prospects for this sign born this month are bleak.

Money and Finance: The flow of money would be normal and continuous. The overdue payment from the office will be received after extensive follow-up. The transit of Ketu into the second house of gains may cause delays in receiving payments on time. However, Jupiter in the house of gains will remove all obstacles and ensure the availability of receipts. The period will have an effect on expenses for the welfare of parents, legal matters, medical care, and other previously committed payments.The receipts will be sufficient to cover the expenses. During this time, your earning children may be able to assist you financially.

Students and children: Students and children who were sluggish and uninterested in their activities may feel rejuvenated at the start of the month. They will be active and involved in their educational pursuits. The costs of meeting their demands will mount in the second half of the period. The transit of the planet Sun to your Moon sign in the latter half of this month may lead to arguments and advice for children. The children may resist and show disinterest in being advised. It is preferable to delegate child care to your spouse. It is expected that the father’s earning children will step forward to support him financially and shoulder his financial obligations. This would make their parents proud.

Health and Family: The health of the family members would be normal. The transition of the serpent planets Rahu and Ketu may influence wordy disagreements with family members, the loss of articles at home, frequent travel, and the separation of a relative from your association. The relationship with the spouse would be one of love and hate. It is recommended to remain calm and patient and to think twice before communicating with family members. Relations with the children would become strained in the second half. However, Jupiter’s benefic aspect on your second house of family may aid in the peaceful resolution of disagreements.

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