Gemini Monthly Horoscope – Based on Moon Sign


Gemini Moon Sign August Horoscope

Gemini would have a positive month, although there would remain some pressures. There would be a good amount of progress due to your hard work and ability to act in a dynamic manner. Speech might be aggressive and you might turn out to be saying things that you don’t mean. You might also lose a position of trust, so be very careful.

Gemini August Career Horoscope

Career would see changes now. You would have to change the way of your working otherwise controversies could catch later with you. Growth will be present, but you might also be in two minds if you are on the right track or not. Do not make any major changes at work during this month. Work environment would be positive and better overall, but still you might end up being aggressive with colleagues around you. Team and people working with you might not be very supportive so you should avoid delegating work as much as possible.

Gemini August Love and Marriage Horoscope

Love life will be very interesting. New events and developments will take place. A new relationship will come up suddenly during this month. Existing relationships also will go through a lot of turbulence and change while there would be excitement, but controversy and issues cannot be ruled out. Marriage matters might not be as positive as in the past. The spouse might have advice from outside sources and there could be discontent at home. Overall, not a good period for marriage matters so be careful.

Gemini August Money and Finances Horoscope

Money matters would be better, but still expenses and commitments will be high. Income would be better than before. Some savings could come in but expenses and extravagance could take away a substantial part also. Investments should be handled with care. Avoid new investments while older investments will give you very good returns.

Gemini August Students and Children Horoscope

Students would have a very exciting but erratic time. Focus in studies could go down, but your results would still be positive. The exams might not be very effective so be very careful and study hard. Children related matters could be stranger. There could be sudden developments and changes all around you. Avoid making any major changes or controversy with children during this time.

Gemini August Health and the Family Horoscope

Your family life would be a bit aggressive and there could be a reduction in the level of support compared to what you have had in the past. Be careful and avoid getting into any controversy with family members. Health matters would be positive most of the time and there would be positive and good results for you.