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Gemini Monthly Horoscope

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Gemini December 2021 Horoscope: December 2021 would be a positive month but despite all the positives, you will still be in deep thinking and there could be worry. Financial pressures could be one of the main reasons but besides that self-confidence and family matters could also cause worry during this time. There are possibilities that you might need to move home or there could be thoughts about changing your residence creating some amount of pressures in your mind. There would be possibility of dip in energy and slowdown in your work after the 15th December 2021. Anger and frustration would prevail. You might not be able to express the issues that you are facing openly during this time.

Socially it is a exciting phase. You will find yourself at many social gatherings and in the company of people. You will be happy with family. You will be working hard and there could be enterprise and opportunities or work all around. Work would progress. Health of mother or an elderly person at home could be a matter of concern. Your personal temperament and ability to take decisions could turn unsteady after the 19th December 2021. The Volcano yoga of Mars and Sun takes place in your house of expenses, this could create problems in finances and could trigger off sexual desires which are unreasonable in nature. You could request a Volcano yoga report at Volcano report:

Career: Career would be beneficial; you will plan and think well to progress. There would be gains in the long term but the plans and energies you create now will give you very good results in the long term. Work environment is going to be aggressive; you could find issues and reasons for controversies with colleagues throughout this month. Team and subordinates would also not be very supportive. You should avoid delegation of work as much as possible.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be interesting. You will feel a lot of sexual energy and sex appeal would be high. Good chances of finding a new relationship now. Existing relationships will also do very well as this is going to be a very exciting time. Marriage matters will be positive, spouse will be supportive and there could be gains from spouse throughout this month.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be better than before but there could be worry. Expenses would be high despite higher income. Liquidity could be difficult for you after the 19th December 2021. Income will be poor. You will feel dissatisfied for most parts of the month. Investments should do well. You should think for long term and you will get gains also during this time.

Students and Children: Students have a positive month. There will be good learning experience and good results in exams but throughout you will be worries and tensed about the results. New projects after the 19th December 2021 would be challenging. Children related matters will be positive. There will be happiness at home. Children will do well and you will be totally happy and in focus.

Health and Family: Your health would be positive mostly besides low energy and stamina and lower immunity after the 15th December 2021. Overall still it is a positive time. Family life will be very positive. You should be very happy and mostly in control.

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