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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

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Scorpio December2021 Horoscope: Scorpio would have a positive month. There would be growth and gains. You will find the last month would continue with the support due to your hard work and work that you will do with people around you. As the month goes by you will find that the level of opposition to your ideas will slowly rise. This is one time that you need to organize yourself better.

The Volcano yoga of Mars and Sun starts off in your house of enemies, competition and health and continues on to your marital life and partnerships so the month will start aggressively and you will be able to control opposition and competition but as you go along partnerships might have issues. There could be difficulty in relationships and in marriage matters. Health also could suffer to some extent.

Some controversial ideas might come into your mind and you might think unconventionally. Avoid controversy in these matters also. Luck from overseas sources will be high, there would be positive trends mostly. Temperament will be quite fixed and difficult for people around you. Try to be more flexible and more compassionate. Friends will be helpful and you will find a lot of old friends back in your life. Enjoy the time. Health of children might be a concern.

Career: Career will do well. There will be progress and growth in new areas. Very high level of aggression at work is present and you should avoid being over possessive in dealing with others as that could spoil the working relationship that you enjoy currently. Work environment would be very aggressive, angry and there could be high pressures, be careful and take this period forwards cautiously. Team and colleagues will not be very positive and supportive. You might find challenges. It would be better to focus on projects on your own rather than relying on people around you.

Love and Marriage: Love life would be better than before but still not as interesting or successful. Pressures will remain to some extent. Existing relationships will do much better. There will be happiness, travelling together and some positive moments with your partner. Marriage matters will be challenging. There might be opposition to ideas and conflict due to various issues that you had faced in the past. Try to avoid controversy and anger as much as possible.

Money and Finances: Money matters will be better. There will be gains and growth but outflows will be high also. Income will not be easy and you will be disturbed more after the 19th December2021. Investments will give you good returns. Make the most of this period but avoid speculation.

Students and Children: Students will have an excellent month. There will be great positive growth. Exam results will be very positive also. Children related matters will be good. There will be happiness. Children will be a source of joy. Children will be successful also but health will not be easy and you might be concerned on that account.

Health and Family: Your health is likely to be disturbed to some extent due to anger and worry. There could be some pressures as the month goes by, pressures could rise also. Family matters are very happy. This one area you will feel positive and blessed.

Students and Children: Children might not have a great month. There would be certain pressures on health and mental disconnect. Success in the life of children might come easily for you comparatively but worry about children will prevail throughout.

Students will have a challenging month. There would be some amount of worry, exams or result oriented issues would cause a lot of concern and stress. Real progress and gains in study matters will come in after the 28th December2021. Your health is not going to be very easy. Although improvements compared to the past would be present, improvement in terms of aggression and anger management will make health much better than before.

You can expect very good results after middle of the month. Family life will not be very good. A distinct cut off and mental distance with family might continue this month also. Improvements will take another couple of months.

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