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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

monthly horoscope scorpio

The hangover that has been felt in all walks of life for the past year will continue this month. The ray of light is still on its way to you, illuminating the hope of relief from all obstacles. Other than family life and finance, the other areas are underperforming. A good financial result is possible in the second half of this month. The career is still in jeopardy. Both mental and physical health are in poor shape and require counselling and medication. Despite your refusal to agree to their sensitive demands, your relationship with your family members will be cordial. Friends, colleagues, and other contacts may be unresponsive to your feelings. The movement of Ketu to the fourth house will influence positive changes in their attitude and behaviour. The second half may provide some relief in relation to family members, particularly the spouse. Dates between January 21 and January 23 should be avoided.

Career: There may be no opportunities for advancement in terms of salary or moving up the corporate ladder. The pressure and responsibility may increase, affecting your mental and physical stability. Your efforts to leave may be futile because the time is not right. The Saturn in the sign itself views the tenth house of career, which is the source of all of these stressful conditions at work. However, if you bear these difficulties patiently and view them as a learning experience, Saturn will compensate for these difficulties with money and advancement in your career when it moves to the eleventh house of gains in 2023.

Love and Marriage: The first half of this month may pique your interest in going on a date with your loved ones. This may provide some relief from the current drab mental state. However, the planetary position may preclude any acts of love and passion. Marriage prospects will emerge only after the middle of 2023. You can, however, take the initiative to repair the relationship from now on.

Money and Finance: The income and financial flow would be normal and consistent. Medical and other family maintenance expenses may have a significant impact on your finances. The income from government and parental properties is possible in the first half of this month, but realisation and receipt of funds may be delayed. The position may improve in the second half, and spending on home comfort items is expected. When other areas aren’t behaving well, this front will provide some breathing room.

Students and children: The shift of Ketu to the fourth house will help students focus on their studies and avoid being distracted by other malevolent activities. Their behaviour and attitude will improve. The children’s health will improve, and the illness that was causing them pain will be cured.

Health and Family: Workplace conditions can lead to mental and physical problems. In the second fortnight, the mother’s and family members’ health may necessitate medical attention. However, Jupiter views families and general welfare as his houses, so everything will be under control. The planet Ketu moving into the fourth house of general happiness may try to disrupt the comfort level. Work and frequent travel will deprive you of any rest. The temperament of the spouse may be harsh, but Jupiter in the second and fourth houses of home welfare will ensure peace at home. The disagreements among family members will be resolved.

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