Scorpio Career:

For Scorpio individuals, August 2023 could be a mixed month in terms of their career. Saturn is present in the fourth house of your sign, which might cause delays in completing tasks and even small chores could become challenging. Paying attention to your work is crucial as there might be a chance of making minor mistakes.

With Jupiter in the sixth house, this month might bring some challenges in your career. You may not feel satisfied with your work and may not receive the recognition you deserve. Be careful of distractions, as they could lead to errors in your work.

It is essential for you to focus more on your work this month; otherwise, carelessness may lead to continuous mistakes in your tasks.

For businesspersons, Jupiter’s position in the sixth house indicates that there might not be significant financial gains this month. You can expect moderate profits. Additionally, Ketu in the twelfth house might lead to making wrong business decisions.


In financial matters, Scorpio individuals may face both gains and losses this month.

With Jupiter in the sixth house, you might end up spending more money. Additionally, circumstances might be beyond your control, and you could find yourself needing to take a loan due to the influence of the planets.

Ketu in the twelfth house and Jupiter in the sixth house could lead to challenges and hurdles. This might result in you needing to borrow money. Saturn in the fourth house may cause you to spend more on your family, and you could also face some discomfort due to Saturn’s presence. This could lead to increased health-related expenses, making it difficult for you to save money.

However, Ketu’s presence in the sixth house indicates the possibility of sudden financial gains, possibly from existing assets. You may also have the ability to fulfill your commitments through loans. But despite the earnings, you may not feel entirely satisfied, and this could create some dissatisfaction as you may struggle to meet all your needs, causing you some distress.

Health Horoscope for Scorpio in August:

The influence of the sixth house in Rahu’s transit suggests that Scorpios may enjoy good health this month. However, Jupiter will remain in the second and fifth houses, which could cause some discomfort. Additionally, Saturn is already present in the fourth house, potentially leading to some restlessness.

Scorpio’s ruling planet, Mars, is in a favorable position, residing in the eleventh house after the 15th of this month. This alignment may contribute to maintaining good health throughout August.

On the other hand, Ketu is in a challenging position in the twelfth house, which might lead to feelings of fear and insecurity. Furthermore, this placement could result in digestive issues, headaches, and sleep disturbances.

Overall, it’s essential for Scorpios to take care of their well-being, especially by managing stress and getting enough rest. A cautious approach towards expenses related to your mother’s health would also be wise.

Love relationships and married life:

According to the monthly horoscope, Scorpios need to be cautious in their love relationships and married life as Saturn is in the fourth house.

Due to Saturn’s presence in the fourth house, there may be a lack of attraction and understanding in your love life and marriage. Additionally, the presence of Ketu in the twelfth house may cause a decrease in the feelings of love within you.

However, the benefic planet Jupiter is in the sixth house and also rules the second and fifth houses. This placement indicates that there is a moderate chance of positive results in love matters. But be aware that Jupiter’s presence in the sixth house can create some obstacles in maintaining attraction, and you may feel insecure.

If you are planning to get married, it is better to postpone your plans for now as this time may not be favorable for you. For married Scorpios, this month may not be particularly special. There may be a lack of harmony between couples, and some adjustments in understanding each other may be needed to bring happiness to your married life.

Venus, the planet of love, is retrograde in the ninth house and will turn direct on August 18, 2023. During its retrograde phase, there might be a lack of harmony in your love relationships due to a decrease in mutual understanding.


This month, Jupiter is transiting in the sixth house as the ruler of the second house, which may not bring significant results in family matters.

Saturn is present in your fourth house, indicating the possibility of some tension in family life. It could lead to unwanted arguments or disputes within the family. Additionally, due to Saturn’s aspect on the twelfth house, there might be increased expenses on family members.

As the ruler of Scorpio, Mars is in the eleventh house, which creates a favorable atmosphere for happiness in the family. This period can help you overcome difficulties and challenges. However, with Jupiter in the sixth house, there might be some arguments or disagreements with family members.

Overall, this month may bring mixed results in family matters, with some tensions and arguments but also opportunities for happiness and resolution.