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Sun in Astrology

The sun planet has a special significance in astrology. It is worshiped in the Hindu religion by considering the sun as God. It is the largest natural source of energy on Earth. According to Vedic astrology, the Sun is considered to be the father of stars. The distance from Sun to Earth is lowest after Mercury and Venus respectively. Its size is very vast from all the planets. In the Solar System, it is located in the center. Although the sun is a star from a celestial point of view But in Vedic astrology, it is a significant and major planet. Sun plays an important role in the study of the horoscope.

Sun Planet in Hindu mythology

According to Hindu mythology, the sun is considered to be the God, according to which the Sun is the soul form of the whole universe. By this, the person gets life, energy, and strength. According to popular belief, Sun is the son of Maharishi Kashyap. Due to the name of the mother being Aditi, the name of the sun is also Aditya. In astrology, the Sun Planet is said to be the factor of the soul. To attain its therapeutic and spiritual benefits, people wake up in the morning and perform Surya Namaskar. According to the Hindu calendar, Sunday day is dedicated to the Sun Planet which is considered to be an important day of the week.

In Hindu astrology, when the Sun Planets enter any sign, it is a very decent time for religious activities. During this time people organize religious functions for self-peace and worship the sun. It is possible to calculate the Hindu Panchanga on the basis of the movement of the sun in different zodiac signs. When the sun moves from one sign to another sign, it is called a Sun month. There are 12 zodiac signs in the zodiac. Therefore, the Sun takes one year to complete the zodiac cycle. Sun does not bad eyes like other planets. The sun illuminates darkness by our life and publishes it. It always inspires us towards positive things. Its ray is the ray of hope for humans. At the same time it inspires us to be energetic so that we have been working continuously to get our purpose.

Various names of the sun: Aditya, Arka, Arun, Bhanu, Dinkar, Ravi, Bhaskar etc.

Nature of the Sun: Sun is a planet with dry, hot, igneous and virulent tendencies of orange. In the direction it is the owner of the east direction, whereas in metals it is the owner of copper and gold.

The importance of the sun in Vedic astrology

In Vedic astrology, the sun planet represents the father in the birth chart. While in a female’s birth chart, it tells about her husband’s life. In the service sector, the sun represents high, or administrative post and respect in society. It also represents leadership. If the Sun’s Mahadasha is going on than people get good results on Sunday. The sun is the lord of the Leo, and this is Exaltation in Aries, while Libra is Debilitation Sign.

Physical profile: The person whose birth chart is in the Sun Ascendant, its face is bigger and round. The color of his eyes is like the color of honey. In the body of the person, the sun represents its heart. Therefore, the Leo zodiac sign in the Kaal Purush Kundali represents the heart. The sun shows the right eye of men and the left eye of women.

Disease: If the Sun is suffering from a planet in the birth chart then it gives rise to heart and eye-related diseases. If the Sun is suffering from Saturn, it produces disease like low blood pressure. While suffering from a Jupiter, the person complains of high blood pressure. It is the cause of acne, acute fever, typhoid, epilepsy, and bile problems.

Sun sign attributes: If the Sun is located in auspicious place, the person gets its auspicious results. This position of the Sun is positive for the people. With this effect, people get desired results and the people are motivated by the good work of their own. The person has complete control over himself.

Strong Sun: In the astrology, the sun planet is exaltation in its friendly zodiac signs, through which the people get good results. In this period, the person’s deteriorating work is created. Positive thoughts are born in a person’s mind due to the Strong Sun, and he is optimistic towards life. With the influence of the sun, a person progresses in his life and he gets respect in society. It develops good qualities inside the person.

Effects of Strong Sun: The Goal achievement, courage, talent leadership ability, respect, energy, self-confidence, hope, happiness, joy, kindness, royal appearance, loyalty, nobility, success in worldly affairs, truth, vitality, etc. Does it

Effects of the weak (malefic) sun: make egoistic, sad, faithless, jealous, angry, ambitious, self-centered, and angry.

Work related to the sun/business: In general, there is a factor of a permanent position in the sun life. It shows government jobs in our birth chart. If the security is ensured in the job, there the sun’s possession is also sure. Sun in the workspace shows the independent business. Although how would a person’s career be, it is known from the Sun or the connection to the other planets of the Sun.

Here are some such works or business areas, which belong to the Sun – the administrative officer, or the dictator.

Products: rice, almonds, chilies, foreign currency, pearls, saffron, herbs, etc.

Market: Government debt, gold, reserve bank, stock market etc.

Tree plants: Barbed trees, grass, orange trees, medicinal herbs, etc.

Location: forest, mountain, castle, government building, etc.

Animals and birds: lions, horses, pigs, serpents, swan, etc.

Root: Bell origin.

Gemstone: Ruby (Manikya)

Rudraksha: A face Rudraksha

Instrument: The sun yantra

Color: Saffron

Sun mantras

In astrology, many solutions have been suggested to prevent the peace of the sun and its inauspicious effects. In which the Sun’s Vedic, Tantric and Seed Mantras are the main.

सूर्य का वैदिक मंत्र

कृष्णेन रजसा वर्तमानो निवेशयन्नमृतं मर्त्यं च।
हिरण्ययेन सविता रथेना देवो याति भुवनानि पश्यन्।।

सूर्य का तांत्रिक मंत्र 
ॐ घृणि सूर्याय नमः

सूर्य का बीज मंत्र 
ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः

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