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Will you go abroad in 2022? 2022 Travel Forecast

Ever wondered why some people so easily settle abroad while you are waiting endlessly for it to happen despite being eligible? Well, it’s all in the stars. The 12th house and its lord in your horoscope play a key role here. But more important than that is the fact that even if your natal planets are forming combinations that support settlement abroad, it is important for the planets involved in making the combination to be activated. And this happens during the transit or dasa of the planets. To ease your worries about whether the stars indicate foreign settlement or travel this year or not, below are predictions for each Moon sign.

2022 Travel Forecast For Aries: Aries, your application for permanent residence or work permit may not get a green signal yet. However, you might plan leisure trip to a foreign country as indicated in 2022 horoscope. Chances of going abroad form between 2nd March to 26th March 2022. While you may not go abroad for work related reasons this year, your influence and connections would grow beyond your place of origin, especially until 11th October 2022.

2022 Travel Forecast For Taurus: Taurus, you might go abroad on an investor or business visa between 17th Jan to 7th March, probably to expand the presence of your business. While there may be some obstructions on the way, this trip would likely be a rewarding experience. You may also travel abroad due to work from 7th March until 2nd May, but the purpose of the trip may not get realized.

2022 Travel Forecast For Gemini: If you are a Gemini student, pack your bags, for an opportunity to study abroad awaits you this year. Alternatively, you may enroll in a distant learning course with a foreign university. As a professional, you might undertake a foreign trip for work related reasons during March and this would bring good returns as well. The period between 20th April to 14th May and the month of August is also favorable for foreign trips for leisure & entertainment.

2022 Travel Forecast For Cancer: From 10th to 25th June, you might plan a business trip abroad. You may also get an opportunity to go abroad with your siblings or colleagues for an assignment. There are chances of visiting a foreign place to liaison with clients or finalize a contract for business expansion. Overall, this year suggests many possibilities of foreign visits.

2022 Travel Forecast For Leo: Leo, you might consider settlement abroad this year. It could be a soft landing or a short-term stay. Foreign trips for any purpose may be favorable during the period after 11th October 2022. Chances of family trip abroad are strong towards the end of the year.

2022 Travel Forecast For Virgo: Virgo, an unwanted foreign travel is in the cards between 13th April and 15th May 2022 due to some government related work that may relate to export/import. The results of this travel may not be much encouraging though. The period between 16th August and 17th September 2022 also indicates towards a similar journey which however could be fruitful. You may also undertake a foreign trip with your family during the period from 17th Oct to 16th November. However, make sure to keep expenses low or you’ll consume accumulated funds and savings.

2022 Travel Forecast For Libra: Some business related tours are indicated from 19th September to 6th October 2022. You may also plan a trip abroad as part of some international exchange program. The idea would be to gain more insight into other cultures, lifestyles and art forms. A foreign trip for an archeological survey or research is also in the cards. And possibility of a foreign trip due to a health treatment is also there.

2022 Travel Forecast For Scorpio: Scorpio, you might go abroad during the period until 11th October 2022 to pursue earning opportunities. A foreign trip for spiritual reasons is also in the cards. You may go abroad on a student visa for higher studies if you are student. From 20th April to 14th May 2022, you may travel abroad with your spouse as well. You may also go abroad to attend a convocation or college reunion.

2022 Travel Forecast For Sagittarius: Sagittarius, the period after 11th October 2022 is more promising for foreign trips. You might go abroad to pursue your education endeavors or explore your spiritual interests. Financial gains are also expected from foreign countries. There is a possibility that you may look for employment abroad. Whatever purpose you undertake a foreign trip for; there would be challenges and hurdles on the path. You should deal with such roadblocks with your wisdom and logic. Avoid emotional decisions when it comes to foreign matters.

2022 Travel Forecast For Capricorn: Capricorn, 2022 would bring many possibilities to go abroad. You might go on a work permit to work for an overseas employer or to fulfill a project assigned by your current organization, especially during the period until 11th October. Thereafter as well, you could engage in travel abroad to gain wealth and prosperity. Chances of studying abroad are strong too in 2022.

2022 Travel Forecast For Aquarius: Some official foreign trip is indicated in your 2022 horoscope Aquarius. You may have to leave your country of origin due to some legal complications for a short while. Your foreign trips would remain cost-effective this year and the purpose of the travel would also be realized. You may also go abroad for higher learning and spirituality.

2022 Travel Forecast For Pisces: The period until 11th October 2022 is positive to undertake foreign trips Pisces. The reason of your journey abroad would be mostly related to work. After 11th October, you may also take part in a religious trip. Foreign travel for trading is also indicated this year.