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General information about Gemini

Cheerful, charming and restless, Gemini is a social butterfly, one who knows how to throw a party. Socializing is an intrinsic part of their lifestyle. They are not someone who would be happy alone. They always need company. There is an inherent need in Gemini to gather knowledge and share it ahead in their social circle. When it comes to gym, your purpose is rarely fitness, but to interact with people and find a buddy to have a post-workout snack.

You tend to live everyday as if it is your last. So even if you are depressed, you may seem detached but never unhappy. Spontaneous and wiggly, life for you is to live and not rest and you live it to the fullest. You embrace life as it comes, and never take it seriously. Reading Gemini daily horoscope would be a good idea to find out more about their everyday temperament.

You make a wonderful friend for you love to solve others’ problems, provided you do not spill the beans. You have to struggle keeping secrets for your constant need to express. Nevertheless, you are very logical and intelligent and have a sharp memory too. When it comes to way of life, you want change consistently. Routine kills your spirit and blocks your intellect. Those born in Gemini have a hard time focusing their energy on one task at a time and can be moody at times.

You are very tech-savvy, your Android device and gadgets keep you company always like a best friend. When you go to sleep, you actually just lie down on bed and chat. For a sound sleep, you really need to switch off your gadgets. In fact, sleep never comes easy to you for your mind is always racing. Gathering information sometimes turns into gossiping too. You have a habit of chatting endlessly, to the point of annoyance. You should try to seal your lips sometimes and open your ears. Being a good listener will help you have balanced relationships.

You pay attention to your health and beauty routine because you are sociable and want to be appreciated and talked about in your circle. Relatively, you tend to ignore health and are prone to anxiety & stress due to over working your brain. Changing your sleeping habits could help resolve many of your health concerns. When it comes to fashion, you take a lot of time in deciding what to wear. Bright shades look good on you and complement your vibrant personality.

So you finally chose a restaurant after much deliberation to ultimately struggle to decide where to sit. The food came, and you thought that what is served on the next table looks better. You ate less, talked more while continuously texting your friends and taking selfies. Your eating pattern is inconsistent. Anything that you can finish off quickly is always welcome.

You home is likely to be interesting with a sci-fi feel may be. A computer table or a sleek silver shelf for your gadgets and books is a must. There should be a lot of intellectually stimulating objects in the décor. And not to mention, there will be a dedicated book shelf or even library if you can afford, for your love of gathering and storing data.  The concept of smart homes is probably designed with you in mind. You always need to be connected. You party animals love socializing.  You keep changing the furniture placement or décor as you always need change and variety in life.

Your decor style is likely to be very trendy, urbane and youthful just as your personality. The look and feel is likely to be rebellious, vibrant and buzzing like a city. There will be glass doors and lots of windows at your home to allow inflow of positivity and a sense of spaciousness. There is however a possibility of clutter.

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