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General information about Libra

Libra’s actions and preferences in life are driven by the need for balance and proportion. They want all aspects of their life to be in harmony. Libra is the only sign represented by an inanimate object, a scale but that does not mean that they are not emotionally poised. Libra tend to be very sensitive and supportive, often called the trouble-shooter, for the scale of justice has the ability to judge the matter from different angles and reach a middle ground. Ruled by Venus, Libra tend to seek approval of others. There is an intrinsic need to be needed and loved.

These charming souls have a way with words and a social grace that makes them win favor of others. But sometimes they become people pleasers and lose their individuality and opinion under the influence of others. They may say things they don’t mean. Libra have a tendency to look at life through rose-colored glasses, thus often miss to catch the negative forces that could be harmful. Thanks to their aesthetic sense, they are always up with latest fashion trends. Their lifestyle is laid-back; they have plenty of friends because there is a strong need be associated with a social circle. They rely on relationships. To make sure that you your optimism and reliance on relationships does not make you a victim to fake associations.

Libra tend to win hearts with their humor and chill demeanor, however, they also tend to disregard themselves in order to assume the role of people pleaser. This explains their indecisiveness and insecurity. Libra tend to be very soft-spoken and sensitive, which people often take advantage of. When it comes to shopping, they tend to be reckless, spend it all on things they want. The term ‘shopaholic’ was coined keeping Libra in mind. Spending is an area where they struggle the most to keep balance. Their urge to splurge is stronger than average. Luxury is important to them like Taurus. Their sleep is usually unruffled, provided they are in a comfy and peaceful place.

Libra tend to look younger than their age. You rarely face health issues and have a proportionate body. They are good at maintaining a balanced diet and exercise routine. But frustration and stress can be their biggest enemies on the health front. They need to keep sugar intake and over-indulgence on social occasions in check. Lower back, kidneys and bladder are their vulnerable areas thus pay attention. When it comes to fashion, beige and pink suit them the best. Glossy finish appeals to them more than matt shades. Lace dresses, Capri pants, and sandals look good on them, something that is classy as well as casual. They also tend to match their attire. They are up for bright colors as they suit their cheerful personality but not as bright as red, but subtle such as blue.

You entered a stunning restaurant with your partner where food was presented aesthetically. Nevertheless, you did complain about the ‘portions’ being too huge and left half of it. You did not talk with your mouth full, instead waited for the food to finish. After a light and witty conversation, you ordered that textured strawberry ice cream. Like everything, eating is something you like to do in company; in fact, it is an excuse for you to socialize just as Gemini. You like your food to be served in small proportions. Moderation is the key. A bit of this and a bit of that is always better than consuming a larger portion of the same delight. Whatever you eat, it must look good and seasoning is very important to you.

Your home emanates a sense of balance and warmth, making it very inviting.  Being ruled by Venus, you have an aesthetic instinct, thus you decorate your home nicely with harmonious looking color palette and furnishings. Nothing seems out of place, no matter how much clutter is there. You have the art to balance it all out. There are likely to be some Venusian touches too, such as flowers and mirror art.

There will be soft, rounded furniture that blends in the surroundings effortlessly. Nothing is too striking or over-the-top. Comfort and luxury are high on your list of interior design checklist. Loads of space has to be there with low sitting arrangements and neutral lighting. Again moderation is the key and the look has to be minimalistic. The design of your home is likely to be understated yet modern. There is a possibility of chaos due to indecisiveness, thus redoing your home is one of the biggest challenges for Libra.

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