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General information about Scorpio

Driven by intensity, passion and sensuality, Scorpio tend to lead a mysterious life. You like to live like an investigator, one who seeks to bring out the truth but without letting his identity be known. Secretive and mysterious, Scorpio horoscope natives keep their feelings under the wraps. Scorpio’s lifestyle choices and decisions are equally mysterious. One may think they are accompanying them for a retail therapy, while you intrinsically want to spy on your ex.

Your inexplicable and puzzling personality however is magnetic. You are strategic, exceptionally good at games like truth and dare, chess and monopoly. Intensity rules your actions and words.  When you are passionate about something, you tend to touch extremity of tendencies. You can be as sacrificing and caring, as can be jealous and poisonous. Your intuition and observation is highly strong, thus you tend to stare at people and surroundings unknowingly in an attempt to analyze. You are human lie detectors, thus no one shall dare to wrong you. You have self-destructive tendencies though, thus reading Scorpio daily  Horoscope could be a constructive move towards leading a more calm and predictable life.

Scorpio, you tend to carry grudges to the grave. Sometimes, you remain stressed and under emotional turmoil for things that could have been sorted out with a small talk. This keeps your sleep patterns disturbed. And you are anyways night owls. When you are passionate about something, whether it is work or reading a novel, you can stay awake all night to finish it off. However, in the long term, you need proper sleep to keep away from stress. You tend to keep your emotional hurricane a secret, thus you should practice writing a diary every day to release your emotions.

Ruled by passion, Scorpio tend to have good resistance ability.  Your health remains good, as you tend to recover quickly. However, Scorpio are likely to fall victim to psychological disorders due to suppressing their emotions all their life. Workouts having a sense of sensuality fit the bill for Scorpio such as Power Yoga, Dance and Aerobics. Physical prowess and beauty are very crucial to your existence and self-confidence. Your personality is red-hot which also happens to be your favorite color. You are driven to all things dark and mysterious, black is the second best color especially when it comes to wearing leather. These colors help you announce your sense of power. Smokey eye shadows, mascaras, false eyelashes, sensual lingerie, and silhouettes are all made for Scorpio.

Your friends wondered if it is a restaurant or a dungeon. Never mind, you had to come here, because it reminds you of your first date. When the waiter came, you could not read the menu properly due to dim light. You ordered some texturally soft seafood and pasta with creamy sauce and red wine.  The sensual food got your hearts racing.  You talked about sex, magic realism, 50 Shades of Grey and complained about how your partner is causing your stress.  Being a Scorpio, you are all about intensity. You care either too much about what you eat or simply avoid it. Intense flavors like ginger, garlic, and cinnamon tickle your taste buds.

Densely furnished, your home is likely to be a replica of Sherlock Holmes Museum – dark interior, subdued lamps, black leather upholstery, cozy fireplace and an antique clock. When it comes to patterns for rugs, curtains, or quilts, you prefer animal prints oozing power and a georgic feel. It may seem a little confining to a new person, but for you it is the ideal nest. Some of you add a drama effect to the décor and may choose a mystical theme such as Arabian Nights or African Adventure. It won’t be bright though, but subtle and opulent.  Mysticism rules your interior designing choices. There has to be a secret place away from the snooping eyes of the strangers where you can contemplate and decipher the depths of your soul. It can be swing in the corner of the garden or a lounge-like room.

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