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General information about Taurus

Taurus are homebodies, they don’t mind skipping plans and postponing events to stay right in their house. It is because home is their comfort zone. Taursean way of life is like that of a bull. They live and let live, but when someone threatens their sense of comfort and security, it is time to run for the hills. Taurus has a calm, composed, balanced, and a very patient character. They are great planners, take actions grounded on strategy than spontaneity. Practical diplomacy rules their actions and words. You cannot call them a follower, but they are not brave either to lead the way like Aries. Nevertheless, they have the patience and perseverance required to get things done, complete tasks that Aries took up and left in between. To find out more about Taurus’ day-to-day life, you can check out the Taurus Career horoscope Report . Meanwhile, keep reading for an in-depth analysis of Taurus lifestyle choices.

The biggest strength of Moon in Taurus is their cool, calm and collected personality, which acts as a balm when everyone is psychologically wounded. They can act right and just, even in the worst and most confusing of situations. However, they tend to miss opportunities due to their overly cautious approach and are not receptive to change. When it comes to their way of life, comfort, luxury, and possessions are a few buzzwords that define it.

Taurus, you take a methodical and slow approach to life’s decisions. You tend to take your time, for the motto of your life is, “slow and steady wins the race’. You are a very kind soul; often have a tightly knit social circle. You have a tendency to feel everything through senses. You meet and comfort others in tangible ways, a warm handshake, a cuddly hug, or a motivating back-pat help you establish deeper contact with people. You have a habit to cater to your friends and family lavishly, often keep an inviting atmosphere at home. You love to play the host every now and then and not to mention, cook for your loved ones too. When it comes to sleep, you tend to find comfort and a tight sleep on a tasteful bed with warm blanket, dim lighting, and silk cushions. Avoid any arguments before you sleep for you have a tendency to over think.

Taurus are practical and patient, thus have what it takes to maintain a healthy fitness regimen. You never strive away from regular exercise. You also pay attention to how you look, for social status and image are very important to you. Although you tend to put on kilos due to over-indulgence, you also make sure to exercise your calories away. You sensual yet subtle beings love floral scarves, pastel shades, lavish accessories/jewelry, and fragrances for they make you feel at your best. You often put a lot of thought to choose what to wear, even for the trivial of the occasions.

You sat tastefully, dressed up to the nines, asked the waiter for any specials or most lavish of items on the menu. When the food came, you got quiet, and focused and cherished every bite of it, with occasional nods and mmms. And like every time, you forgot to share the food with your fellows (or did it intentionally?). You are never done without that delicate and delicious cupcake or sweet for dessert. You are a finger licker when it comes to food. The aromas, textures and flavor of richly made dishes get you excited like a kid. You are likely to be a real food devotee.

Home for you represents comfort and status, it is a symbol of social standing, thus has to include rich and plush possessions. Gorgeous silk pillows with scented floating candles on the bedside, aromatic and fresh floral centerpieces, warm upholstery and drapes, and rich carpet are a few extra touches that give you a sense of regality and security. Moreover, that vintage record player is simply a cherry on the cake for you. You cling to material possessions, not because you are materialistic but because it gives you a sense of emotional contentment. Too many possessions however could create clutter too. Add a few stacking baskets and shelves to the décor to make your home look more organized. Need advice? Ask your moon in Virgo friend.

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