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Destiny in Astrology- Timeless Journey of Life

destiny in astrology

There is no one who is not interested to listen about destiny. This subject is very much mesmerizing. Even for atheists, there will be some moments in their life, which makes them think about their destiny.

Destiny is fate and what is already fixed in our life. The line between fate and free will is very thin. Even in Bhagvat Geeta when Arjun asked about free will, even Krishna could not come up with a clear clarification.

It is very hard to know what our destiny says. It is not be decoded by anything other than astrology. In Vedic astrology, there is a clear technique in Vedic astrology to understand what our destiny is.

The factor which indicates our destiny is called Bhrigu Bindu. Bhrigu bindu is the midpoint between Rahu and Moon. It is a sensitive point between Moon and Rahu in the chart. It is not between Rahu and Moon, but between Moon and Rahu. You have to take the longitude of Moon and add it with the longitude of Rahu and divide them by two, and the remaining number would be the degree point.

What is Bhrigu Bindu

This is the point which shows you for what you have taken birth.  The matters represented that point will strengthen your life to be much happier and successful. Bhrigu Bindu will be a house, not a planet.

This is a part of Nadi astrology. It shows what your pending Karma is. What is the nature of pending Karma? What kind of results do you get through this pending karma in this birth?

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We need to know which house is your Bhrigu Bindu is placed.

  • Who is the lord of that house?
  • Where this lord is placed.
  • Whether the lord is placed in a Kendra or Trikon house
  • How many points is this lord getting in Sarvashtak Varga
  • How much points this lord is getting in every house in Bhinnashtak Varga
  • This special point can be at any house in your chart.
  • There is so many software which gives this point.
  • Bhrigu Bindu through houses.

Bhrigu Bindu in 1st House

When your Bhrigu Bindu, is in this house, then it shows increased own ventures. Your luck will be coming from own ventures. So, instead of depending on others, you should try to make solo efforts. There will be many opportunities to make own profits.

Bhrigu Bindu in 2nd House

Your luck will come through your family. Speech and career related to the throat will be a main area of work. Your luck can come from nourishing others through speech as well. Banking and finance also can be a major sector.

Bhrigu Bindu in 3rd  House

Your luck will be majorly coming from networking, siblings and small groups. You may do something with the hands. You may make your luck through teaching, training and short travels as well. Media and information technology also will play a big role in creating your destiny.

Bhrigu Bindu in 4th House

4th house says luck will be coming from real estate deals, home, mother, property, vehicle, and education. You may even make your luck buy nourishing others like customer care.

Bhrigu Bindu in 5th House

your luck will be the result of the good karmas in the past. You may gain wealth through creativity, learning, Astrology, politics, and children.

Bhrigu Bindu in 6th House

When your BB is in the 6th house, then you have to do a job, not a business. You may have to be very competitive to face your life. There can be some challenges from your mother’s or maternal relatives. You may have to face a lot of challenges in getting your luck.

Bhrigu Bindu in 7th House

7th house indicates luck through the spouse, relation, joint venture, business, marriage, promotion, and union.

Bhrigu Bindu in 8th House

This is a negative house and you will bring some luck with hard work,   financial transaction, and mystical sciences. Medical and healing sector also is favorable domains to work.

Bhrigu Bindu in 9th House

You will make your luck through learning, teaching, long travels,  spirituality, dharma, politics, law, justice, foreign collaborations, destiny, elderly figures. Legal and administration sector also may give you some opportunities.

Bhrigu Bindu in 10th House

Your luck will come through government, father, and job.

Bhrigu Bindu in 11th House

Your luck will be from children, youth groups, international organizations, friends, space, internet, and technology.

Bhrigu Bindu in 12th House

Your luck will come from, through international organizations, foreign stay, spirituality, and charity.

You should see how your Bhrigu Bindu is placed through placement, aspect, and conjunctions. It will help you to know what karma you have to perform.

When a planet transits through this Bhrigu Bindu, then there will be some events which can either be a positive or negative event. For that, you need to know how points in your Ashtak varga and Bhinnashtak varga charts.

For this purpose, you must know your accurate time of birth. Knowledge of Bhrigu Bindu will help you to understand what the purpose of your birth is. That will help you to be focused on your life.