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Combinations for Delays in Getting a Job- Ask Astrologer

It so happens that, after giving our entire energy and time into studies, we still are not privileged enough to score a good job. We are disappointed when such a thing happens, and feel dejected after seeing many opportunities slip away from our hands. Negativity in relation to professional life will slowly start creeping up within us, which would in turn disturb our moral and mental strength from the inside.

In due course, various questions will start haunting our minds, as for example:

– What could be the reason behind my unemployment?

– Why are my sincere efforts not providing me with a suitable job?

– Why are my friends running far ahead of me while I am behind, in spite of my best efforts and hard work?

– Why am I not being promoted to a higher post, even though I am eligible?

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If we look at these from an Astrological perspective, there can be numerous reasons for delays in getting a job, and some of them are:

  • If the Lagna Lord is weaker, there will be delays in getting a job
  • If functional malefic planets occupy the Lagna, then there will be delays in getting a job.
  • If functional malefic planets occupy the 10th house, there would be problems in getting a job.
  • If functional malefic planets occupy the 12th house and the 2nd house from the 10th house, Paap Kartari yoga will form, which would lead to problems in getting a job.
  • If the 10th house Lord is posited in the 6th, 8th or in 12th house, problems regarding jobs will still be there.
  • If Rahu or Ketu is posited with the 10th house Lord, or is in the 10th house, delays in getting a job will be there.
  • If Saturn is a functional malefic planet and is posited in the 10th house, delays in getting a job will be there.
  • If Mars is a functional malefic planet, and is posited in the 10th house, getting a job would not be as easy.
  • If the 10th house Lord of the birth chart is posited in the 6th , 8th or in 12th house of the D10 chart , problems in getting a job will exist.
  • If the Ascendant of the D10 chart is weaker, problems in getting a job will be there.
  • If the 10th house Lord of the D10 chart is weaker, then also problems in getting a job will be there.
  • If Rahu or Ketu is posited in the ascendant of the D10 chart, then also obstructions in getting job will be there.
  • If Rahu or Ketu is posited in the enemy sign of the 10th house of the D10 chart, then getting a job will not be an easy task.
  • If the 10th house Lord of the D10 chart is posited with Rahu or Ketu, problems in finding job will be there.

It is necessary that the 10th house, 10th house Lord, and the D10 chart, are strong, so that there would be less problems in getting a suitable job.

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Combination of Delay in Marriage in Horoscope

What are the reasons for your delayed marriage? Why are you not getting married, even after everything is fine? Why is stress prevalent in your marriage? – These are some questions related to marriage, which come to the mind of all those who are upset due to delay in marriage. Generally, the answer to such questions is that everybody wants to know why this happens.

There are 15 main reasons for LATE /DELAY in MARRIAGE in Astrology, which have been explained in detail in Astrology. These are:

  • The aspect of strong malefic planets in the 7th house from the Ascendant and the Moon sign, leads to denial or delays in marriage.
  • If the Lagna or the 7th house Lord is sitting in the 6th, 8th or in 12th house, it leads to delay in marriage.
  • If the House Lord where Venus is positioned is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, it will lead to obstructions in marriage.
  • The placement of Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu, in the 7th house, will lead to problems, obstructions or late marriages.
  • Malefic planets placed in the Lagna and the 7th house will also indicate delays in marriage.
  • If stronger malefic planets are placed in the 6th and 8th house with the 7th house being empty, it will lead to the formation of Paap Kartari Yoga, which will lead to denials in marriage proposals.
  • If the 12th and 2nd house from Venus is posited with stronger malefic planets, it will lead to late or postponed marriages.
  • If Sun is placed in the 1st house, and Saturn in the 7th house, or vice versa, it will lead to obstructions in marriage.
  • If Saturn is a functional malefic planet, and is posited in the 1st, 7th, 10th or 5th house, it will lead to denial or late marriage.
  • If 7th house Lord is posited with Rahu or Ketu, problems would be there in marriage.
  • If Lagna Lord is posited in Rahu or Ketu with no functional benefic aspect, even then there will be delay in marriage.
  • If Mars is a functional malefic planet and is placed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or in the 12th house, problems in marriage would be prevalent.
  • Functional malefic planets being placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th or 7th house, will lead to late or no marriage.
  • If the 7th house Lord and Venus are weaker, then the marriage will either be late or you will have to face denial.
  • A weak D9 chart will also lead to delay in marriage.

If stronger functional benefic planets are placed in the 1st and 7th houses, and the 7th house Lord is getting the aspects of the functional benefic planets, it will reduce the obstructions in marriage.

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When Will I Find True Love or not? Explore with Love Astrology!

There is a passion for everyone to know about their love life, that where will my soul mate come from and I will get my true love or not? This is the most wanted subject in astrology as well. Love doesn’t have any bars. Age is not even a bar. There are people who married during the second half of life. There are many relations in our life. We have karmic debt with so many people and they will come to our life during different time period.

There are people who destined for more than one spouse. For some people, there is only one spouse. Astrology can give you a lot of information regarding your love life. Let’s see what the indicators of love life in astrology are.

Venus: The planet for love in astrology

This is the main indicator of love in astrology. For males and females, Venus indicates their love life. So, if they have a good love and marriage, then Venus should be finely placed. It should be placed in a positive house, and aspected by benefics, neither retrograde nor debilitated. If your Venus is not in such a placement, then you will definitely have some issues in your love life.

Jupiter: Husband in a Woman’s chart

Venus is, of course, the indicator for love, but for the woman, Jupiter is the indicator of the husband. The same rule is applicable to Jupiter. This planet should be in a good house aspected by good planets neither retrogrades or debilitated. That assures a good marital life.

If both the planets are combust, retrograde, debilitated and influenced by negative planets then there can be some challenges from your relationships.

Our 7th house indicates our love and marital life. The 7th house is the indicator of spouse or marriage. This house also should have a good influence. There should not be any negative planets or good planets in negative mode. Even if there are no planets, that is not a bad thing.

Now, there are 12 signs in astrology. The sign which rules the 7th house normally represents your spouse. The planet which rules the 7th house will have a lot to say about your spouse.

So let’s see which those signs are for each Ascendant

Aries: Libra- Venus

Your 7th division for the spouse is ruled by Libra, ruled by Venus. So, Venus will be the indicator for your spouse.

Taurus: Scorpio-Mars

The 7th house from Taurus is Scorpio is ruled by Mars. So, Mars will be the indicator of your spouse.

Gemini: Sagittarius –Jupiter

The 7th house from Gemini is ruled by Sagittarius. It is ruled by Jupiter. So, Jupiter is the planet ruling your spouse.

Cancer: Capricorn-Saturn

The 7th house from Cancer is ruled by Capricorn. It is ruled by Saturn. So, Saturn rules your spouse.

Leo: Aquarius- Saturn

The 7th house from Leo is Aquarius and it is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn rules your spouse.

Virgo: Pisces-Jupiter

The 7th house from Virgo is ruled by Pisces. Jupiter rules Pisces and it is the indicator for the spouse.

Libra: Aries-Mars

Your 7th house is Aries and it is ruled by Mars. So, Mars is the indicator for your spouse.

Scorpio: Taurus-Venus

The 7th house from Scorpio is Taurus and it is ruled by Venus. Venus will be the indicator for your spouse.

Sagittarius: Gemini-Mercury

Sagittarius is a fire sign and Gemini rules the 7th house. Mercury is the planet which rules your spouse.

Capricorn: Cancer-Moon

The 7th house is ruled by Moon and it indicates a partner who is very sensitive and tender.

Aquarius: Leo-Sun

The 7th house is ruled by the Sun. The Sun is the most royal planet and that is a planet with dominating nature.  

Pisces: Virgo-Mercury

The 7th house of Pisces is   Virgo, it is ruled by Mercury.   This is the planet for communication, speech, analysis, and intelligence. 

Now let’s see some indications regarding your spouse

1st house

If the planet indicating your spouse is in the 1st house that means you may know them already at least sometime before the marriage. They may be the first priority in your life. People will see them as your identity. You will be meeting your spouse for the first time near a business place. There will be some social functions taking place

2nd house

When the planet indicating your spouse is in the second house, then there will be additions of wealth after your marriage. You may meet your spouse for the first time in a family event, or there can be something related to banking and interior designing in your meeting place.

3rd house

When the planet indicating your spouse is in the 3rd house, then there will be a group of people near your meeting place. There can be a place of worship or, painting of a horse also can be there near you.

4th house

When the planet indicating your spouse is in this house, then there are chances for you to meet your spouse from the workplace or during a family meeting

5th house

When the planet indicating your spouse is in the 5th house then you may meet your spouse through group settings. There can be a painting of a lion or you may meet through social gatherings or entertainment events

6th house

When the planet indicating your spouse is in the 6th house, then you may meet your spouse near a hospital. There can be some animal painting or real animal near your meeting place. You may even meet your spouse through work as well. There are chances to meet them when you are going through some challenges in life.

7th house

When the planet indicating your spouse is in the 7th house, there are chances for you to find your spouse from socialization. There can be a business center near your meeting place

8th house

When the planet indicates your spouse is in this house, then you must have started your affair as a secret one. You must have met them near a secret place. There are chances for you to meet your spouse near a beach or a pool of water. There are chances to meet them near a financial institution.

9th house

When the planet indicating your spouse is in the 9th house, then you may meet your spouse from small groups. There can be a place of worship or a religious ceremony going near your meeting place. Your spouse may be from a different community as well.

10th house

When the planet indicating your spouse is in the 10th house, there are chances for meeting your spouse from the public sector

11th house

When the planet indicating your spouse is in the 11th house, then you may meet your spouse near banking or finance institutions. They may come from your network circles as well

12th house

This is a clear indication of a spouse from a different caste, community or culture. They may even come from a different nation as well

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Astrological Remedies for happiness & general well being

When we talk about our basic needs, we count food, cloth, and shelter which in turn are the real road to happiness. Astrological remedies play a major role in our lives, as we get influenced by the effects of planets. None of us can always have a good time; we experience both hardships and blessings in our lives. The hardships and the impact of bad times make us move towards the astrologers and astrology. Astrologers are the scientists who work on the positions of the planets according to the horoscopes to provide solutions on how to deal with the hardships of life. To have a happy life and be successful, a lot of hard work and determination is needed along with luck being on the favorable side. Howbeit, fate has already been decided and our destiny has been written, still one should leave no stone unturned to live a life that is worth remembering.

Faith is the key for removal of all the problems in life. If you keep the faith and practice the astrological remedies as prescribed on the basis of your horoscope, it is possible to turn the negatives into the positives. Divinity is where astrology begins with, and the faith and strong belief on astrology can surely change a person’s life and make him prosper and gain happiness. There are many ways with the help of which we can reduce our tensions and get to live a peaceful life. At times, the configuration of planets like Saturn, Rahu & Ketu in the horoscope causes hindrance in our lives. If wrongly placed, they lead to cacophony and imbalances in the personal relationships and other areas of life. There are many remedies as prescribed in the Vedas which can help us in harmonizing & balancing our life. Some of these remedies are mentioned below:

  • Offer garlands of yellow flowers to Goddess Lakshmi and deity Narayan on every Thursday brings luck, prosperity, and happiness in life.
  • Feed a black dog with sweet bread daily. It can ward off quarrels and fights from a house.
  • It is advised to drink and eat in silver utensils in order to please planet Moon, which influences a person’s prosperity and decrease the evil effects of planet Rahu.
  • Offer oil on Peepal tree on Saturday and lit oil diya. Avoid wearing black on Saturdays. It will ease the effect of Saturn. If others do not appreciate your good deeds and you face issues even after doing good to others, the above mentioned remedy should be applied.
  • Happiness can also be ensured by offering clove daily to Goddess Mahalakshmi Temple. One can also have her blessings by adorning the cash box of the house or shop with Gomti Chakra, Eleven Kaudis, and Seven Sulaimani Haqiq.
  • In order to maintain a peaceful environment at home, eleven Siddha Gomti Chakra is drawn in the pooja room of a house.
  • To ward off the evil from home, one should take eight Siddha Gomti Chakras on Wednesday. Then take two first, rotate in the house for 21 times and then throw them in the south direction. Then repeat the same for west, north and east directions.
  • By doing charity and donating to the poor and for the welfare of the society, the planet Jupiter is energized, thereby giving happiness to the person performing such tasks.
  • If someone is facing issues related to money flow, he/she should take a cow dung cake and add seven types of cereals to it. Now the person should make a Shivling out of the cake, and every member of the family should offer a drop of Gangajal to the Shivling. One can see the effects and changes earlier than expected.

The remedies do not end here; we still have many more listed in Vedic Indian horoscope. It seems the planets and people dealing with them in ancient times had a solution for almost all types of problems, and someone or the other has to go through these events again and again. One cannot deny the fact that Vedic astrology does provide solutions that are simple and can be used in maintaining a healthy, stress-free and happy life.

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Is Shani Sade Sati something to be afraid of?

We all go through a challenging phase when life feels difficult and your efforts do not seem to bring desired rewards, no matter how hard you try. Such phases often correlate with or occur during Sade Sati, the much feared seven and a half year period when Saturn is most active and obstructs the good results of other benefics. But is Sade Sati always bad? And if we should really fear it? Well, the answer is no and yes. Sade Sati is not always bad because its effects depend a lot on how your natal Saturn is placed, the sector of your horoscope where transit Saturn is moving and if you are running its Mahadasha or not. Still, you should fear Sade Sati, just as you fear police or a teacher. During Sade Sati, you should respect the challenges imposed by Saturn, because it wants you to grow beyond the “ifs and buts”, just as a teacher tests your knowledge for you to grow.

Is the whole Sade Sati period difficult?

Saturn Sade Sati begins when transit Saturn moves into the 12th house from your natal Moon where it remains for 2.5 years. Later, it moves over your natal Moon in the second phase of 2.5 years and lastly, the third phase into the 2nd house from Moon. Saturn and Moon are enemy planets and since Moon is the planet that governs your temperament and emotional makeup more closely than any other cosmic body, Saturn’s Sade Sati affects you the most when it is moving over your natal Moon in the second phase. Nothing is more discouraging in life than absence of peace, which is a common theme during the second phase of Sade Sati. And since first house represents your health and physical wellbeing too, the second phase is considered to be the most challenging. This means that results of Sade Sati would be a lot moderate and less apparent during the first and third phases so Sade Sati is not bad throughout.

Is Sade Sati bad for everyone?

While every native would experience challenges during Sade Sati, the degree and frequency of these challenges varies due to many factors. If Saturn is exalted or in own sign in natal chart, meaning it’s well placed in your horoscope, the malefic effects of Shani Sade Sati would get reduced. And when Saturn forms “Mahapurusha yoga” being placed in Kendra in exalted or own sign, then again it would not produce highly malefic influence during Sade Sati. Also, Saturn is the Yogakaraka planet for Taurus and Libra ascendant so natives with these rising signs would experience moderate effects of Sade Sati. Results of Saturn Sade Sati aggravate mostly in cases when the native is also running Mahadasa of Saturn and it is not well placed in the chart.

How to peacefully get through Sade Sati

There is a lot you can do to pacify the effects of Sade Sati like reciting Shani Chalisa or chanting the Beej Mantra of Saturn for 108 times every day during Sade Sati. However, the first step to having a peaceful Sade Sati is to understand what Saturn wants from you.

Saturn is the taskmaster that signifies discipline, justice, limitations, and restrictions. Think of Saturn like a cosmic judge. If you keep your actions right, you will be rewarded but if you break the rules, you are punished. So with Saturn, it is very important to maintain good karma. Saturn wants you to teach you the value of discipline and patience so naturally, there are no short-cuts to success, especially during Sade Sati. The period of Sade Sati is like exams, you just can’t go unprepared because you would get the results of your past efforts & preparation. The only thing that can help you score well with Saturn is hard work. As long as you work hard within the limitations imposed by Saturn, this period would be rewarding. Saturn may delay success but it never denies success.

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How would be my love life? Your Venus Sign helps decode it

We all know our Sun sign but is it logical to define our whole existence based on where one planet is placed and disregard other key cosmic placements? It would make little sense to make predictions only on the basis of one – Sun Sign. Especially when it comes to the matters of heart. Venus occupies a much important role than Sun. Venus governs all that your heart desires! Love, money, romance, luxuries, beauty and what not. While Venus is about pleasure – the pleasure that is shared with someone.

The sign where Venus is placed in your horoscope is called your Venus sign, or more commonly your Love sign. Venus sign is looked upon to see how you respond in relationships, what your outlook towards love is and what you define as pleasure. Do you enjoy the chase in love (Venus in Aries) or you need emotional security (Venus in Cancer)? Or do you view relationship as a team sport (Venus in Libra) or if you want to take the lead (Venus in Leo)? Understanding your Venus sign gives clues to understanding your love life.

Venus in Aries: Natives with Venus in Aries thrive in competition. They enjoy the chase and the conquest. If your Venus sign is Aries, you should be with someone who is as playful, childlike and energetic as you are. You don’t like people who beat around the bush or play love games. Venus in Aries generally want someone straightforward and enjoy taking the lead in the relationship.

Venus in Taurus: If you have Venus in Taurus, you will thrive with a partner who makes you feel comfortable and is a bit predictable. You should never be with someone impatient or who keeps you in high-energy situations. If you find someone who gives you a cozy time and appreciates your loyalty and steadiness, don’t let them go.

Venus in Gemini: you want the quality of lightheartedness in love. Your should be with someone who can meet your need for variety, meaning who can stimulate you intellectually while giving you ample space to indulge in your social circle and hobbies. You cannot survive a relationship with someone who is overly serious and possessive.

Venus in Cancer: With Venus in sensitive sign of Cancer, all you need is some love, care and security. You should always look for someone who is dependable and loyal. You get attached too easily so no friends-with-benefits or no-strings-attached affairs for you. Someone too practical would not be a suitable partner as you need a LOT of snuggling and sentimentality to feel secure and confident in love.

Venus in Leo: Venus in Leo is an intense combination. You ‘cats’ need constant purring and romantic attention. You would thrive with someone who is as generous and romantic as you, someone who enjoys chasing and courting as much as you do. With this placement, you need a partner who compliments a lot and doesn’t mind giving you the spotlight. You will never gel with someone who is dominating.

Venus in Virgo: Having Venus in Virgo, you do not indulge in grand dating rituals and gift exchange but what you give in the relationship is far better – the gift of complete devotion and attention. But in return, you look for someone who is dependable and loyal, someone who can take criticism constructively. If you have Venus in Virgo, don’t settle for less!

Venus in Libra: If you have Venus in Libra, you can surprise your lover with how much you can adjust and compromise to be with them. Taking you for granted is a sure shot way to lose you. Relationship with Venus in Libra must involve give and take. You need someone who is kind and fair.

Venus in Scorpio: Relationship with Venus in Scorpio is full of deep commitment and boundless intimacy. Having Scorpio as your Moon sign, you give full attention to your partner, but you can’t be with someone carefree and casual. Emotions run deep and you need someone who you can have blind faith in and get involved fully.

Venus in Sagittarius: Being in love with a Venus in Sagittarius can be a life-changing and exhilarating experience, full of adventure. However, it comes with a price. Having Venus in Sagittarius, you tend to stay away from commitment and the emotional responsibilities that come with it. You should be with someone who offers you a lot of time to understand your equation as well as can offer you the space and freedom to be on your own when you want to.

Venus in Capricorn: Venus in Capricorn is a dependable, faithful and devoted lover. You may not shower your lover with compliments and petty gifts but definitely offer security, especially financial and material. Having Venus in Capricorn, you are reserved & practical. You rarely feel good being with someone who needs constant emotional involvement & stimulation. As a Venus in Capricorn, you are a career-oriented person who has realistic expectations.

Venus in Aquarius: If you have Venus in Aquarius, you do best in relationships that are unique and unconventional. You should not indulge in a love affair with someone who has a rigid and fixated outlook towards life nor should you get attached to someone who is sentimental and needs a lot of pampering and time in love.

Venus in Pisces: Native with Venus in Pisces can offer unconditional love, where human concepts of boundaries and difference blur. Your love is of romantic and dreamy kind. You are so accommodating that you hardly find anything wrong with someone. This quality makes you a perfect lover but you also set the same expectations which makes you vulnerable to heartbreak because world is not as kind as you see. You are often misunderstood as weak. You should look for a partner who sees your willingness to compromise in love as strength, someone who understands that you also have limits that shall not be crossed.

You can request your relationship analysis, which gives a deep insight on love life with your partner. It takes into account Venus Sign, Moon Sign and a host of other Vedic tools to come up with a love compatibility matrix.

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Mars Transit Results in 2018

Mars is the giver of corporeal energy, action and passion. It is the force that pushes you to act and react, to take initiatives, to make bolder moves, and to lead by example. Its energy is intense, and can be both positive and negative. Mars can make you passionately romantic but also a slave of the senses. It can make you valiant but also violent, a warrior but also worrier. Mars holds special significance in marital happiness. This further necessitates a deep study of its next transit to assess how it may affect you. Its movement in 2018 is particularly crucial as it will be forming many key combinations while moving through the zodiacal cycle, especially when it passes over Ketu in Capricorn, a period of potential aggression and violence. Here is how Mars transit in 2018 will affect all Moon signs.


The year may not start positively as you might run into quarrels with spouse. Nonetheless, from mid of January, Mars would improve your health and energy level. From 7th March onward to 2nd May, father’s heath may go downhill. You may feel spiritually inclined during this period. Mars is in exalted state from 2nd May to 6th November transiting house of career. This would bring positive results in professional matters. You would have the right amount of courage and energy to fulfill ambitions. Opponents would feel weaker against you. Towards the end of the year, Mars would propel financial gains by helping you make the best use of your skills and efforts.


Taurus, the start of the year may not be much encouraging due to health related expenses on spouse. Your partner may become too irritable and easy to anger during the period from 17th Jan to 7th March 2018. From then onward, the period until 6th November 2018 does not look much promising on the marital front. There is a strong need to make adjustments and compromises from both ends. From 6th November to 23rd December, Mars may help you establish some foreign connections for business expansion.


Start of the year shows average trends. Nonetheless, Mars is forming positive conjunctions this year that would help accelerate financial growth and prosperity. On the downside, children might have to suffer on the health front. During the period from 17th January to 7th March, you also need to be watchful of your enemies. Thankfully, transit Rahu may help keep situation under control. Mars would definitely help you overpower opponents and enemies. However, during the period from 7th March to 2nd May 2018, your marital harmony may deteriorate. Frequent conflicts and scarce possibilities of romance are expected. After 2nd May to until 6th November, your expenses might increase to dramatic levels. You may also create new secret enemies. Nonetheless, after October 11, there are possibilities of some professional achievement that would add to your reputation.


Cancer, the year may not start enthusiastically due to overboard expenses on children and progeny matters but don’t worry, your career progress would be remarkable. Period from 17th Jan to 7th March 2018 looks highly fortunate for children’s health and also for students seeking higher education. Students are likely to excel in competitive activities due to their high energy level and drive to succeed. After 7th March to until 2nd May, health of children may again suffer. Some losses on the business front are also indicated during this period. Nonetheless, the period after 2nd May to until 6th November is highly fortunate in career matters and you may achieve new heights of success with your hard work and patience. Thereafter, some of your irrational decisions could cause defame, so beware.


Leo, the year may start favorably but domestic peace may suffer to some extent until 7th March. Fortune would begin to favor after that until 2nd May. During this period, you would enjoy material comforts and students would also find this period fortunate. Children would become hard working and industrious. In terms of family happiness, the period from 2nd May to 6th November 2018 demands caution as parents’ health could cause worry. You may also observe some friction and conflicts in the family environment. Thereafter, things would improve on the family front but some strain in expected in marital relationship due to ego issues and superiority complex. Disagreements and conflict of interests would occur more frequently.


At the start of year, you may end up having arguments with people who do not wish you well. Nonetheless, you would be fearless, energetic and highly determined until 7th March, so much so that your enemies would feel weak and helpless. While siblings would enjoy good comforts from 7th March to 2nd May 2018, domestic environment could be a bit bitter. The period thereafter until 6th November is rosy and pleasant for lovers. With more passion and romance, your relationship would grow further. However, health of children may get affected during this period. After 6th November, siblings might also feel low on the health front so take care.


As the year begins, your state of health may deteriorate to some extent. You may also become irritable and harsh in your speech until 7th March 2018, which may send people away and affect your image. Your speech would become a lot polite and effective after 11th October though. From 7th March to 2nd May 2018, you would feel fearless, brave, active, and determined, ready to topple opponents and have control. However, this period is not much promising for siblings. Your family relationships may also get strained from May until 6th November so maintain a calmer attitude. You may also act a bit too aggressive on the work front, which could backfire. The period after 6th November is favorable to indulge in love relationships and more financial gains are expected too.


2018 may start with some personal expenses. Opponents may try to trouble you but you know how to handle them. From 17th Jan to 7th March 2018, you would enjoy good health. You would instill high energy and enthusiasm into any task you may undertake. Thereafter until 2nd May, you would have an enjoyable time but may indulge in drinking and drugs. Financially, you would have a stable period, thanks to your efficient decisions. From 2nd May to 6th November, exalted Mars may make you a bit too aggressive. Temper issues could land you into trouble. After 6th November, domestic harmony may suffer but towards the last few days of the year, things would be better.


The start of the year may bring good financial gains and growth for children. From 17th Jan onward, you may become too extravagant in your spending habits until 7th March. Naturally, the repercussions could be troublesome for your financial health. This year, you might indulge in some investments and donations too. Mars would allow you to silence your enemies but this may also cause some harm to you. Mars is also positioned to cause disputes with partner. After 7th March, expenses would be there but mostly on yourself. From then to until 2nd May, transit planets form a good Raj Yoga too so fame and wealth is expected. The period until 6th November projects financial affluence. You would have more power, money and resources at hand. Children and students would also perform well in both academic and non-academic pursuits. Your children may also make you proud with an achievement after 6th November.


Domestic harmony is indicated at the year begins and you would also have good financial gains from your career endeavors. You skills would help gain more profits until 7th March. But personal health and of children’s as well demand care. After 7th March, your expense may reach an alarming state. You may also spend in charitable causes. Relationship with spouse may get strained during this period due to difference in viewpoints. From 2nd May until 6th Nov, financial prospects look good. Your social circle would grow and domestic environment also looks peaceful. After 6th November, your family members would bring some gains to you as well. Health of father and children needs attention though.


Aquarius, 2018 would begin favorably for siblings but domestic harmony may be missing. Things would be better on the home front after 17th Jan to 7th March and during this period, you would observe good career progress too. Your status and reputation would increase. Health however demands attention in this period. Afterwards, financial gains would increase until 2nd May 2018. You may acquire multiple sources of income. Your patience would pay off during this period. After 2nd May to until 6th November 2018, you might get an opportunity to build professional contacts and liaisons abroad.


Start of the year looks promising for wealth accumulation. From latter half of January to 7th March, luck would favor and you would gain more wisdom and strong willpower. This period also indicates success in money matters. Afterwards until 2nd May, your career progress would be promising. Your work would be appreciated and recognized. However, mental pressure is indicated due to disturbances in family. During 2nd May to 6th November, you might gain a new source of income too. Financial gains would be satisfactory, even beyond your expectations. Health would also improve after 11th October. Children & students seeking higher education would remain in high spirits too. You may also expect your siblings to do well this year.

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Saturn Transit in Sagittarius Effects of 26 Oct 2017 until 26 January 2020

Saturn is transiting Sagittarius to bring some major changes in your life. Saturn is the planet of justice and thus you would learn to fight for values and raise your voice against prejudice this year. This is the period when you should not play blame-game and simply focus on self-improvement. Your desire to achieve success with self-efforts will bring discipline and seriousness in your life. Saturn will challenge you to grow up, work hard, and then succeed. The lord of Sagittarius in which Saturn is transit is Jupiter who coincidently is responsible for justice. In fact, Jupiter is also transiting the sign of Libra, the sign of balance and fairness. Thus, these two planets are pushing the theme of honesty and integrity in times to come. This movement will also induce a sense of spirituality, religion, education, and dogmatic approach in you.

The period will mark an inner journey. You will expect and challenge yourself instead of others. You might fear of committing wrong deeds due to the influence of the planet of karma, Saturn. In this transit period, try to love yourself and become independent. The following results of Saturn transit in Sagittarius are valid from 26 October until 25 January 2020.


Saturn transiting Sagittarius would bring success, Aries. However, get ready to face cut-throat competition. There would be some obstacles in income prospects. You need to work hard in order to chase your dreams & achieve your goals. You will embark on a journey of self-improvement and independence during this period. You would start understanding the difference between right and wrong more clearly. Those in business should exercise caution as opponents are on the lookout. Travel is on the cards. You would make some beneficial contacts during this transit.


The month would be an emotional and sensitive ride for you, Taurus. Money matters demand attention, as expenses are likely to increase. Control your debts and expenditures to bring a balance in your life. However, October is an appropriate time to manage finances. In terms of relationships, you might feel frustrated due to expecting more from partner.Your desires will increase leading to dissatisfaction. If planning to launch a new business, you are blessed with wise thinking and decision-making powers this month.


The beginning of the year would bring some difficulties, Gemini. However, after a certain period, you will feel stress-free and relaxed. Your desire to change or improve lifestyle will crop up. This year will trigger your mind to have a in depth analysis of things and relationships. There is a need to understand and show care in relations. There might be some sudden disputes with partner. So be careful and patient. On the other hand, spiritual travel is on the cards.


This transit of Saturn may mean some stress for you, Cancer. However, there will equal amount of motivation and determination from your side. You will balance key areas of life largely. Married life would demand attention too. On the other hand, try to complete pending tasks else, pressure and burden will increase. You might get late to have a share in ancestral property. However, 2018 horoscope indicates foreign deals in your kitty. Take care of your health as some issues might crop up this year.


This year will be much warm and calm as compared to the previous one, Leo. Your desire to succeed will increase and certainly without shortcuts. You would likely to put efforts and work hard in order to get the desired. However, increase in responsibilities will ask for getting some discipline in life. Cosmos would bestow many opportunities to prove your talent. The period is suitable if planning to start a new business or a part-time work. Fight obstacles if any comes in your way. On the relationship front, you will be back on track by planning dates with spouse.


This transit would bring mixed results for you, Virgo. Possibility of a transfer or a new job is high. You might get desired job. However, get ready to face competition from opponents. You would aspire to get recognition in your social circle. On the other hand, some past issues may disturb you. You might feel lonely, as family support could be missing. On a positive note, the year is wonderful for long-term business prospects.


The transit seems positive for key areas of life, Libra. However, success is the byproduct of struggle. That is, in order to get to your goals you must make efforts in the right direction. There are challenges as per 2018 horoscope but you will manage them without stress and worries. This is the time to take your responsibilities seriously and fight the hurdles. You will feel a bit shy or stiff in your approach. However, cosmos are in mood to improve your skills and communication by giving manifold opportunities. Suitable time to learn new courses and growth in career is indicated. You might be disturbed and discomforted on the family front. Health demands attention as sudden issues might crop up.


The year would be a productive journey of working on self, Scorpio. You would spend time on learning the inner thoughts. Self-confidence will get a boost. You might feel shy and hesitant in approach but this year would surely bring a major change in you. You might no longer depend on others for work. There is a need to work on speech and lessen the usage of harsh words. The year is not sure of financial success but with hard work, everything will fall into place. On the other hand, spend time with partner and engage in romantic and entertaining activities.


The year will bring a blend of constructive and adverse results for you, Sagittarius. With an increase in responsibilities, you will get serious in your approach. However, lack of self-confidence could frustrate you. Ask for help and guidance from elders to fulfil your desire to become strong. On the career front, more tasks are waiting for you. However, you will tackle them with maturity.
There might be no immediate results from career but that doesn’t mean failure. On the other hand, relationships and family life demands attention.


Growth and profits are indicated as per 2018 horoscope, Capricorn. You might feel restless and disturbed. There is a need to tone down blunt language. However, you will make serious efforts to develop and improve your future. You will try to explore your identity. On the positive note, this time would give you some beneficial foreign contacts, which will be rewarding in future. Success in competitions is written in your horoscope. However, continue working hard for goals.


The transit in Saturn seems much promising, Aquarius. You would work sincerely to accomplish goals. The period is apt to complete any pending task, which was creating mess in your head until now. Your wish to contribute in social service will get a true picture during this transit. You would feel confident and helpful by raising voice against injustice. Cosmos are blessing you with maturity and capability to carry responsibilities this year. The period would be much rewarding and satisfactory in terms of business also.


This transit will give you much clarity in life, Pisces. Your efforts will bear fruit in the form of name and recognition. Responsibilities will increase leading to more fame. The period will give a clear picture to set your goals. Dignity and honor in society will increase. You will make new connections and rewarding contacts. Any roadblock in monetary matters will eliminate. Foreign travel is also on the cards. In fact, you may crack some profitable deals this year.

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Horoscope Matching for Marriage

Horoscope matching has a key role to play before a boy and Girl get into a marriage relationship. So, when someone thinks about to get marriage, it is necessary to match the kundali of both partners. In Hindu religion, especially in India, horoscope matching is the most reliable method of choosing the right partners for marriage.

If we look through Vedic astrology perspective, horoscope matching involves 8 set of rules and in Hindi, we called it as “Asht Koot Guna Matching “ This 8 set of rules guides us how many points one get out of 36. At least 18 points should match before marriage. By match making, we are able to know about the compatibility between the partners. The stars of one partner affect the other that is why kundali matching can act as a solution for the partners. Our excellent astrologers will give a couple of advice on how to bypass or dilute the negative impact of the stars when they crop up.

Followings are 8 set major aspects of horoscope matching that should be considered for horoscope matching for marriage.

Factor Assessed
Covers us Points
Work – This merely matches ego and the domination part between partners. This is basically how both can adjust with each other.
Harmony, loyalty – This covers up attachment and attractions part for both.
Tara or Dina
Fortune – This represents auspiciousness of marriage and for calculating this Nakshatras (Asterism) are involved.
Understanding, sexual compatibility – This covers up sex instincts for both.
Graha Maitri
Cooperation, interests – This covers up friendliness among each other.
Temperament – This basically covers up temperament and patience among each other.
Happiness, mindset – This basically cover up suffering and financial problems
Stability, health, progeny – This covers up health and child prospects

Apart from that Manglik dosha and placement of 7th house has to be looked for horoscope matching. This report will cover all these significations.

Horoscope matching reports will indicate whether personalities are compatible or not. If there is compatibility between the partners, it would be beneficial for both in every aspect of life.

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