Career Horoscope | Career errors you should avoid in 2017

During performance appraisals, we all feel like Hagrid in Harry Potter saying, “I shouldn’t have done that”. Yes, that one mistake that got you passed over for a promotion or led to a disappointing pay rise. What if we had a time machine and could travel back to fix the mishaps? That moment when you gossiped about your boss and it went public or the nasty argument you had with your supervisor or that unintentional sleep during that important (but boring) meeting.

Unfortunately, science is yet to make time travel possible. But until then, astrology could help you avoid the mistakes that may lead you to that moment of fall from the grace of boss. Knowing what missteps you could take in 2017 in advance would certainly help you be in a better position at the time of performance assessment. Here are the career mistakes each Zodiac sign may make in 2017.

2017 Aries Career Horoscope, Aries, you need to ditch lethargy and actively listen to what your seniors have to say. You seem to be touching extremes in your level of activity at work. If not lethargic, you may become a workaholic, which should also be avoided. Preferring seclusion is important to work peacefully, but you need to understand that mingling with coworkers is equally important.

2017 Taurus Career Horoscope, Taurus, there is no need to take stress. You cannot please everyone so do not over work your brain. Nonetheless, avoid resorting to laziness at the same time. You need to strike a balance, understand your responsibilities and cooperate with your coworkers to build a better image at work.

2017 Gemini Career Horoscope, Overconfidence could lead to your downfall in career Gemini. When you are not sure about your steps, do not walk ahead without support. You need to pay attention to the advice or opinion of others, especially seniors.

2017 Cancer Career Horoscope, Cancer, you need to tame down your anger. There is a strong need for you to understand & follow work ethics and values. Stay away from office politics and take care of your health as it could affect your work and you may miss important deadlines.

2017 Leo Career Horoscope, Leo, you need to keep your personal and professional life separately, and create a healthy balance. Over involvement in personal matters and keeping work in the back seat would ultimately come under the scrutiny of the seniors so prioritize wisely.

2017 Virgo Career Horoscope, You need to understand that toiling hard is not the only way to get the pay rise you deserve. Work is importance but so are workplace relationships and the way you project yourself. Get your work noticed, take initiatives, share your ideas and build cordial relations with team workers. Otherwise, you would feel dissatisfied and down emotionally.

2017 Libra Career Horoscope, Libra natives need to keep their temperament in control in 2017. Nobody at work would appreciate your moody behavior. Also, you may doubt the intention of seniors towards you. Remember that if you work dedicatedly and don’t indulge in gossips, no one would plague your way to success. Just keep working hard and be polite.

2017 Scorpio Career Horoscope, Scorpio, you need to understand that there are no short cuts to success. Do not resort to quick fixes to your problems. Your own efforts and hard work would take you to your goals than planting obstacles in others’ way, so avoid becoming a schemer or you would end up in a scandal or controversy.

2017 Sagittarius Career Horoscope, Sagittarius, don’t be over-confident. You may think of yourself as a know-it-all person. This superiority complex could drown your career, it would be best to pay heed to what your seniors and coworkers have to say. That doesn’t mean that you have to depend upon them but respecting their opinions and offering support is necessary.

2017 Capricorn Career Horoscope, Capricorn, you need to avoid becoming a gossipmonger. Your hard work would speak for itself, so do not depend upon others. At the same time, be there for others when they need. Also, you need to avoid confrontations and arguments with the boss or supervisor.

2017 Aquarius Career Horoscope, You may engross yourself too much into work and ultimately become silent. You may have issues with colleagues and at the worst; people may not even notice you due to your tendency to work alone. You need to form mutually beneficial relationships, promote yourself as a brand, follow work etiquettes and communicate your achievements.

2017 Pisces Career Horoscope, Pisces, irritation and laziness may persist in your work life in 2017. You need to act and brush up your corroding skills to make an impression upon seniors. This is the time to show what you’ve got.