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Purva Phalguni Nakshatra

Purva Phalguni is the eleventh Nakshatra in the Vedic astrology and it comprises of stars Zosma (Delta Leonis) and Chertan (Theta Leonis) in the constellation of Leo. Its span stretches from 13°20′ to 26°30′ Leo. Purva Phalguni is symbolized by the front legs of a bed, or a Swinging Hammock. The name literally translates to ‘The Former Red One’. It also stands for a fig tree.

The symbol of bed for Purva Phalguni signifies rest, dependability, and sexual energy. It also associates with the feelings of relaxation and laziness. People born under this star show all these qualities along with hints of recreation, pretentious behavior, and sometimes vanity. The ruling deity is Bhaga, the God of delight and pleasure. This brings a sense of love and sexual passion in the natives Purva Phalguni. People born under this star love to indulge in luxurious recreational activities and are wanderers at heart.

The ruling planet of Purva Phalguni is Venus, which brings an inclination towards strong relations, luxury, and physical appearance. Out of the 28, Purva Phalguni is the most carefree and expressive Nakshatra. Those born under this Nakshatra possess a strong desire of recognition for their accomplishments. Purva Phalguni natives obtain a feeling of refreshment, often close to the feeling of rebirth, and contentment through the love of art and creativity. They use these modes as a way of expressing themselves. The people born under this star are generally charming and generous by nature. They experience a good luck in most of their relationships.

The names of natives of Purva Phalguni start with sounds Mo, Ta, Tee, Too.

The Name of the 27 Nakshatras are as follows:-

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