Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra is the first Nakshatra in Hindu astrology. It possesses a spread from 0°-0′-0″ to 13°-20′. It corresponds to the head of Aries & comprises of the twin stars called the Alpha Arietis (Sasra) and the Beta Arietis (Satya) – the healers of the Gods.

In electional astrology as mentioned in the epics Ramayana & Mahabharata, Ashwini classifies as a small constellation, and this Nakshatra is believed to be auspicious for new beginnings of a precise or delicate nature when the moon is in Ashwini. The ruling deities for Ashwini are the heavenly twin physicians – the Ashwini Kumaras, who served the Lords. Symbolically, Ashwini is considered to be the wife of the Ashwini Kumaras.

Ashwini Nakshatra Features

Ashwini Nakshatra Ruling Planet: Ketu
Nakshatra Number: 1
Nakshatra Gender: Male
Nakshatra Symbol: Head of a horse, honey and the bee hive
Animal Symbol: A Male Horse
Presiding Deity: Ashwini Kumaras, the golden armored horse-headed twins
Nature: Deva (God-like)
Dosha: Vata
Ashwini Nakshatra Rashi (Zodiac): Mesha (Aries)
Guna: Sattwa
Element: Earth
Disposition: Moveable/ variable
Ashwini Nakshatra Baby Names: Names start with Chu, Che, Cho, La

Males and females born under the Ashwini Star have mostly the same characteristics & qualities.

  • Polite and charming in nature
  • Well mannered
  • Good physical appearance
  • Skilled
  • Knowledgeable
  • Intelligent

Strengths/ Positives

  • Almost always in a lively mood
  • Bold & courageous
  • Adventurous
  • Youthful
  • Very direct
  • Competent workers
  • Motivated to step into new ventures
  • Self-sufficient
  • Natural healers
  • Cooperative & helpful
  • Intuitive
  • Drawn to activities of healing or self-improvement

Areas of Concern/ Problems

  • Troubles in married life
  • Lack of conjugal bliss
  • Incomplete projects keep piling up.
  • Prone to become habitual of consumption of alcohol or sexual activities
  • Become impulsive at times


  • Hasty and impulsive
  • Inefficient for long-term commitments
  • Quick tempered
  • Do not take advice well
  • Aggressive
  • Stubborn & haughty
  • Easily disappointed
  • Always dissatisfied
  • Lack mental peace & serenity
  • Overly passionate

Ashwini Nakshatra Physical Build

Ashwini Nakshatra is filled with charm. They have a wide forehead, sparkling huge eyes, and a large nose on their faces, which adds to their attractiveness. Your personality is energetic and full of enthusiasm. When you have a big problem, you keep your cool, which sets you apart from other people.

Ashwini Nakshatra Characteristics

In nature, you are incredibly helpful and intelligent. Your ability to learn quickly and then use your intelligence to make the best decision is the best thing about your intelligence. You have a daring and courageous personality. That’s why you find it difficult to control your anger. Therefore, we advise you that it is important for you to control your anger. You cannot be controlled by power or pressure. If someone wants to take a place in your heart, only love and affection may do so.

You have a really wonderful heart. people who care about you. You take great care of them. If someone touches your heart, you can go to any extent to help him. When you’re in trouble and need someone, Ashwini is a true buddy. Then he will always be there for you.

You’re never satisfied with what you already have. And you’re always trying to achieve big things. This habit of yours gets you to great heights. If you do any work, you try to finish it as soon as possible.

You can see stubbornness in your temperament. When you make a decision about something, you stick to it. In that situation, you don’t care what other people say, and you put pressure on them to agree with you. It’s not in your nature to change your decision under the influence of others.

family life

The people born in this nakshatra love their family members very much, but they dislike you because of your bitter behavior. You do not get much love and affection from your father, nor do you get any kind of care. You move on in life with the help of your maternal uncle. People outside the family can also help you. There is a possibility of getting married between the ages of 26 and 30.

The Name of the 28 Nakshatras are as follows:

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