Vishakha Nakshatra

Vishakha Nakshatra and it comprises of four stars, namely Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Iota Librae, in the constellation of Libra. These stars together form a forked branch of a tree. Vishakha Nakshatra has a span of 20°00 Libra to 3°20′ Scorpio and it bridges the signs of Libra and Scorpio. The symbols used for representing Vishakha are an archway covered with leaves, or a potter’s wheel.

Lord Indra, the God among Gods, and Lord Agni, the Hindu God of Fire are the presiding deities of Vishakha Nakshatra. They grant this star with great strength and a sparkling confidence. This Nakshatra particularly symbolizes great determination and undivided focus. Thus, Vishakha is often known as the Nakshatra of purpose. Vishakha translates to ‘the Forked One’. People born under Vishakhafrequently face dilemmas in life, which gives them strong decision-making abilities early in life. And once a choice has been made, they move forward towards their goal with single mindedness until they find success. This also graces them with patience and high energy levels, in general.

The controlling planet of Vishakha Nakshatra is Jupiter, which is also the largest planet in our solar system. This once again reflects the stamina and energy that the natives of this star possess. This star fuels competition and the people born under this Nakshatra thus, display excellent leadership qualities. The cosmic positioning of this Nakshatra makes it a courageous and fierce combination. People born under Vishakha are usually very skilled at making money

The names of Vishakha natives start with seed sounds Ti, Tu, Te, To

The Name of the 27 Nakshatras are as follows:-

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