Revati Nakshatra

The final Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology is Revati Nakshatra, the 27th in number. Revati is a group of stars that resides entirely within the constellation of Pisces, with Zeta Piscium being the brightest star of the group. Its span spreads from 16°40′ to 30°00′ Pisces. The word Revati translates to ‘the wealthy.’ This star is symbolized by a fish swimming in the sea or at times by a drum. This Nakshatra acts as a symbol of wealth in terms of finances as well as greater knowledge and learnings.

The ruling deity of Revati Nakshatra is Pushan, the nurturer and protector of flocks and herds. Pushan is also called upon for safe travel. He provides nourishment and grants the natives of Revati with enlightening experiences in life. This star is thus, linked with safe traveling and rewarding fruitful journeys. People born under this star have good physical appearance and strength. They have cordial nature and often pursue deeper learnings in life. This makes them highly spiritual and with a calm and composed demeanor.

Revati is ruled by the planet, Mercury. Vishnu, the ruler of Mercury, along with his wife Goddess Lakshmi, signifies wealth, wisdom and prosperity. People born under this star are humble, pleasing by nature and like to socialize. Their refined nature can be easily distinguished in a crowd and are always willingly available to offer others, a helping hand. Revati is one of the most optimistic and respectful Nakshatras. They view at things from a broader prospect and always focus on the bigger picture. They are usually truthful and surrounded amid riches. Their spiritual connect makes them a dependable company and will never cover others’ property.

The people born under Revati Nakshatra have names starting with seed sounds The, Tho, Cha, Chi

The Name of the 27 Nakshatras are as follows:-

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